The Top 10 — The REAL Story

We often write about and analyze the world’s top 10 connector manufacturers because they are highly visible, with $29.5 billion in annual sales in 2011 and 53.6% of world connector demand.

The following table identifies the 10 largest connector companies in world sales and displays their sales performance in 2011.

Making the top 10 list is important on so many levels. A top 10 company has a:

  • Global brand name
  • Broad product offering
  • Large customer base
  • Leadership position in numerous applications
  • Strong success story and is well managed
  • Strong engineering and manufacturing capability

However, making the top 10 in annual sales is only part of the story, because the industry is “niche rich.” There are thousands of product types and thousands more interconnect applications within market sectors.

For example, when the definition of top 10 is changed to the largest connector companies in each geographic region, there are 23 connector companies that have achieved top 10 status.

The following table identifies the top 10 companies in each geographic region. You will note 13 additional company names in addition to the 10 largest in world sales, bringing the top 10 list to 23 companies.

Top 10 by Region — 23

If the top 10 were defined as the largest in sales by country, imagine how many additional companies would achieve the distinction of top 10. The next table identifies the top 10 largest companies in each major market sector. It includes the names of 30 companies.

Top 10 by Market — 30

When the top 10 is defined by the largest in specific products, this list increases to 41 “top 10” companies.

Top 10 by Product — 41

Being a top 10 company is important because it demonstrates a high degree of success and excellence in a specific area. OEMs and ODMs look for manufacturers that have sufficient size and skill sets to meet their interconnect solution needs. The top 10 list is generally the place customers start their search for interconnect providers.

The real top 10 can only be defined when this question is asked and answered, “Who are the top 10 in the products, the applications, and the locations that meet my interconnect requirements?” The correct answers to these questions require serious thought and analysis because the connector industry is “niche rich” and comprised of more than 1,000 companies located around the world, many of which have industry-leading products in their area of expertise.

Locate your top 10 suppliers! Bookmark Connector Buyers Guide to help research companies and your connector needs. Currently, suppliers who have expanded company information include 3M, Advanced Interconnections, Airborn, Arrow/Pemco, Avnet, FCI, Fischer, Heilind, Hypertac, Molex, Mouser, Multi-Contact, PEI-Genesis, Phoenix Contact, Positronic, QA Technology Company, Samtec, Schleuniger, TTI, and Weidmuller.

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Ron Bishop

Ron Bishop

Ronald E. Bishop founded Bishop & Associates Inc., a market research firm that specializes in the world electronic connector industry, in 1985. The firm publishes “The Bishop Report,” a monthly research newsletter and, a twice-monthly electronic publication. A staff of 20 researchers produces reports centered on geographic regions, end-use equipment markets, connector products, and interconnect technologies. The firm also provides executive placement services, conducts multi-client studies and customer surveys, and assists in merger-and-acquisition activity. The US headquarters is located in St. Charles, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. The firm also has offices in Brussels, Belgium; Sidney, Australia; and Hong Kong.
Ron Bishop

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