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Samtec’s 25+ Gbps Solutions Provide High-Speed Performance

December 4, 2012

Samtec’s 25+ Gbps Solutions support serial speeds of 25 Gbps or more in a variety of high-speed mated connector systems. Products are considered 25+ Gbps Solutions if they meet at least one of two criteria: achieving a data rate of 25 Gbps or more at a 3 dB insertion loss or meeting the 25 Gbps per Channel (100 Gigabit Ethernet) Standard.

The first criterion uses Samtec’s speed rating based on the 3 dB insertion loss point of a connector system to estimate usable system bandwidth in a typical, two-level signaling environment. Samtec’s speed rating is best considered a figure of merit for comparing the relative performance of Samtec connectors. The second criterion, 100 Gigabit Ethernet, is a standard used for the increasing bandwidth requirements in the telecom and high-speed computing environments. This fast data pipe allows for the proliferation of multiple lower speed data pipes. Most copper implementations of 100 Gigabits use four parallel channels at 25 Gbps. The industry standard focuses on channel requirements in the strictest sense, which is the transmission path between a driver and a receiver.

The 25+ Gbps Solutions include products in an assortment of pitches, contact systems, stack heights, and mated orientations. These products include Samtec’s micro board-to-board Tiger Eye connectors, rugged Edge Rate interfaces and edge card sockets, Q Strip, Q Pairs, and Q2 ground plane connector strips, Razor Beam hermaphroditic interfaces, as well as SEARAY high-density arrays available in 0.80 mm or 1.27 mm pitch, low-profile, and 85-Ohm tuned.

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