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2016: We’ll Solve, Involve, and Evolve!

For our readers, the best is yet to come! 

Technology moves fast, and design engineers must move even faster to stay ahead of the curve. At ConnectorSupplier.com™, our goal is to be your #1 resource for the latest on connector technology and applications. To achieve that, we’re making major changes to our publications in 2016 so that our content and delivery are simplified and more immediate.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, ConnectorSupplier.com™ news email will feature two highly curated articles that will introduce cutting-edge technologies, forecast challenges and achievements for industry-specific equipment, and look at the broader implications for interconnects in real-world applications. We’ve added new writers with varied backgrounds to offer novel insights and created new features that showcase technology, people, and companies in a more lively way.

On Tuesdays, you’ll receive our Product Showcase so you can stay up-to-date on new products and product-line expansions; and on Thursday you’ll receive Connector Specifier to keep up on the latest capabilities of suppliers you trust.

New ideas deserve to be presented in innovative ways, and we promise you’ll see new article formats and styles in 2016.

New features include:

  • Industry news and updates in the Week in Review
  • Tech at Work, in which we’ll take an up-close look at big ideas put into action
  • OEM Headquarters, which will profile a leading global manufacturer’s latest initiative
  • Emerging technology updates
  • Technology checklists for at-a-glance tips on what every engineer needs to have, know, and do
  • Research spotlights on Bishop & Associates’ latest industry reports

Our content is concise, quick-to-read, and easy to consume at the start or end of your busy workday. We can’t wait to share it with you! Subscribe now.

Our Story

President Ron Bishop launched ConnectorSupplier.com 13 years ago as part of his commitment to help connector manufacturers, along with OEMs and contract manufacturers, to build a stronger industry. ConnectorSupplier.com has grown from a circulation base of 20,000 to more than 60,000 for our family of e-publications, including ConnectorSupplier.com feature news, Product Showcase, and Connector Specifier.

Bishop & Associates Inc. is a market research firm specializing in the performance and forecast of the world electronic connector industry. Incorporated in 1985, Bishop & Associates Inc. publishes The Bishop Report, a monthly newsletter that monitors and reports on the world connector industry; and many reports that are unique to the connector industry, including Connector Industry Yearbook; Top 100 Connector Manufacturers; World Cable Assembly Market; World Connector Market Handbook; and many interconnect-specific market reports. For more information, visit the Bishop & Associates store.