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Promote Your Products and Services in Connector+Cable Assembly Supplier Buyers Guide

Promote Your Products and Services The Connector+Cable Assembly Supplier Buyers Guide is viewed by thousands of global OEM connector design engineers and buyers, wire harness and cable assembly end users, and contract manufacturers each month. Three options are available: Basic: Company name, 50-word company description, 10-product (max.) list, and static company name on “All Suppliers” Read More >>

Molex Edgemate Power Connectors

Molex EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors

The Molex EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors eliminate the need for mating headers and offer a positive PCB-locking design and significant cost savings.  Molex Incorporated announced its economically priced 3.96mm-pitch EdgeMate Wire-to-Edgecard Power Connectors, which eliminate the need for mating headers, resulting in cost and time savings. This system supports power applications of up to 7.0A with Read More >>

Binder USA 8-pin M12 connectors

Binder-USA M12 Eight-Pin Receptacles

Binder-USA M12 eight-pin receptacles with right-angled PCB contacts are ideal for industrial network and robot applications.  Binder-USA has extended its range of M12 A-coded four- and five-pin right-angled receptacles to include an eight-pin version. The new receptacles feature a two-piece design that allows for more efficient soldering and assembly to the panel. These connectors are ideally suited Read More >>

Mill-Max 836-838 series connectors

Mill-Max 2mm Pitch Spring-Loaded Connectors

Mill-Max 2mm pitch spring-loaded connectors offer durability and space savings for board-to-board or device-to-board connections. Mill-Max has expanded its line of spring-loaded products with a 2mm pitch spring-loaded connector. As always, real estate is at a premium in electronic packaging as designers demand tighter-pitch interconnects that deliver high-quality performance. These spring-loaded connectors (SLCs) are an appealing Read More >>

Yamaichi FAKRA HSD connectors

Yamaichi FAKRA and HSD Connectors

The Yamaichi FAKRA and HSD connectors portfolio for automotive applications has added a standard I/O series to its product lines. FAKRA connectors are coaxial high-frequency connectors that meet the requirements of DIN20860 and USCAR 17 and 18. They are used in the transmission of a variety of signals, such as shortwave, mobile telephony, GPS, or telematics Read More >>

Southwest Microwave High-Frequency 1.0mm Connectors

Southwest Microwave High-Frequency 1.0mm Connectors

Southwest Microwave high-frequency 1.0mm connectors are the first field-replaceable connectors in that size.  Southwest Microwave introduced a line of 1.0mm DC-to-110GHz connectors. Products in the series include field-replaceable two- and four-hole flange-mount and thread-in connectors, direct-solder cable connectors, and clamp-on end launch connectors, including low-profile and reduced-size low-profile versions. Made in the US and built to Southwest Microwave’s Read More >>

GradCon Push-Push Micro SIM

GradConn Push-Push Micro SIM Connector

The GradConn push-push Micro SIM connector offers functionality and cost-effective pricing. GradConn launched a brand new push-push Micro SIM connector, which delivers functionality and cost-effective pricing. Suitable for 3ff Micro SIM cards, the CH03-GB has a 1.50mm profile and measures just .620″ x .676″. The CH03-GB is available with six or eight contacts and includes a card-detect Read More >>

Schleuniger SawInspect System 6

The Schleuniger SawInspect System 6 provides crimp cross-section analysis for quality assurance and quality control. The Schleuniger SawInspect System 6 (SIS 6) is an innovative new product that provides crimp quality assurance and quality control to the wire processing industry. This extremely compact sawing and inspection system is used to quickly create and analyze crimp Read More >>

Phoenix Contact Molded DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL Cordsets

Phoenix Contact Molded DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL Cordsets

The new Phoenix Contact molded DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL cordsets for mobile hydraulic applications reduce on-site installation costs. Phoenix Contact now offers DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL connectors as pre-molded cordsets. These connectors are 100% factory-tested and ready for use in mobile hydraulic applications. While the DEUTSCH and SUPERSEAL connectors are well-established as quality discrete-wired solutions, crimp technology and on-site installation often Read More >>

Molex Temp-Flex FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable

Molex Temp-Flex FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable

The Molex Temp-Flex FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable is the only FEP MIL-Spec-approved flat-ribbon cable on the market today. Molex introduced Temp-Flex FEP Flat-Ribbon Cable, the only FEP solution on the market that meets the MIL-Spec requirement for M49055/11 and M49055/12 for harsh-environment applications such as those found in aircraft avionics and industrial equipment. Unlike competitive PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Read More >>

Weidmuller Stripax Ultimate Stripping Tool

Weidmuller stripax ULtimate Stripping Tool

The Weidmuller stripax ULtimate stripping tool ensures precision wire stripping for tough, halogen-free insulation. Weidmuller expands its line of stripax self-adjusting wire strippers with the addition of a new, high-precision stripping tool, the stripax ULtimate. Designed to strip wires that have tough, halogen-free insulation, the stripax ULtimate simplifies and reduces wire preparation time. Halogen-free insulating materials Read More >>

Samtec Panel-Mount Discrete Wire Cable Assembly

Samtec Panel-Mount Discrete Wire Cable Assembly

The Samtec panel-mount discrete wire cable assembly expands its popular Mini Mate product line. Samtec released a new panel-mount discrete wire cable assembly as part of its Mini Mate product family. This new panel-mount discrete wire assembly is ideal for in-line connections required to pass through a panel. The assembly accommodates a panel thickness of .0329″ (0.84mm) Read More >>