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Engineered Cable Protection Solutions

AerosUSA is an engineering solutions oriented, customer service focused supplier and manufacturer of high-performance Polyamide and metallic cable protection systems, conduits, fittings, cable glands, cord grips and associated interconnect products. We are the North American Operations for Flexa GmbH, the world leader in the design and production of state-of-the-art, high-performance Polyamide conduits and fittings. These products are the latest in cable protection technology designed to replace the 75-year-old, outdated and antiquated PVC jacketed Liquid Tight conduits and fittings that were used as far back as WWII. Additionally, we are the North American sales, marketing and distribution operations for Agro nylon, metallic and EMC cable glands and cord grips which completes our broad range of cable protection and cable management engineered solutions. This makes AerosUSA the most comprehensive, engineered solutions oriented supplier of modern cable protection and cable management products in North America.

What sets AerosUSA apart in terms of technical advantages are as follows;

Time: ROHRflex conduit and FLEXAQuick connectors take 1/5th the time to cut, assemble and terminate compared to other Liquid Tight conduit and fitting systems.

Cost: The costs of ROHRflex Polyamide conduits and FLEXAQuick one-piece connectors are, on average, the same or less than the 75-year-old, outdated liquid tight PVC jacketed conduits and fittings. When you consider the superior life-span, extreme ease of installation and outstanding performance characteristics of our Polyamide cable protection system.

Impact Resistance: Our ROHRflex PA6 D conduit is so incredibly impact resistant it can be hit with a sledge-hammer or run over with a fork lift leaving the internal wiring untouched and undamaged. With the exception or iron pipe, there are no other conduits on the market that can withstand the impact our ROHRflex PA6 D conduits were designed to withstand.

Flexability: There is no comparison to our ROHRflex Polyamide conduits when it comes to flexibility, especially compared to the 75-year-old, outdated liquid tight products so commonly used since WWII. Whether it be continuous motion applications for robotics or tight bend radii applications, our Polyamide conduits come out on top every time.

UV Resistance: AerosUSA’s ROHRlex conduits are supremely UV resistant and can withstand up to 50 years of non-stop direct exposure making them the perfect choice for any outdoor applications for rail, solar, wind, HVAC, military or commercial vehicles or any other environmentally challenging applications.

Ingress Protection: AerosUSA/Flexa’s FLEXAQuick, one-piece, tool free connectors are available in IP66 and IP69K versions making them the best possible choice for environmentally challenging applications. IP69K rating means our FLEXAQuick connectors can be submerged to 1.5 meters of water for one hour and be hit with 1450 PSI direct pressure spray without any leakage or moisture getting through to the conductors.

EMC Protection: All AerosUSA/Flexa products can be either internally or externally EMC shielded to protect against EMI and RFI Interference.

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