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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Announces Distributor Stock for TMP/WMP Series

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies Announces Distributor Stock for TMP/WMP Series

Two top-tier connector distributors, Richardson RFPD and RFMW, now have inventory and full design support capabilities for Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ TMP and WMP Push-on Connector Series.

The TMP connectors are designed to provide a convenient blind-mateable solution specifically for high-power applications. The TMP interface is comparable in size to an SMA connector and offers similar power handling capability and durability in a push-on configuration. It is ideal for design in radar, missile, and satellite systems, as well as commercial applications.

Key features of the TMP Series include DC to 23 GHz frequency range; 50 Ohm impedance; push-on interface; blind-mate with radial and axial float; more than 5000 mate and de-mate cycles; full, limited, and “Catcher’s Mitt” detents; board-mount, field-replaceable, bullets, and cable connector configurations; MIL-PRF-39012-compliant.

The WMP series offers a small form factor push-on blind-mate solution for high-frequency applications like military radios, electronic countermeasure, and test and measurement, from DC to 100 GHz. The WMP series is designed to satisfy the demand for increased package density and reduced weight in microwave systems. The subminiature, lightweight, blind-mateable interconnect solution is ideal for complex high-performance microwave modules and systems where weight is the primary issue.

Key features of the WMP Series include DC to 100 GHz frequency range; push-on interface; blind-mating with radial and axial float; full, limited, and “Catcher’s Mitt” detents; board-mount, edge-launch, and cable connector configurations. Common configurations are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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