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BURNDY PATHCC10 (battery) and RHCC10 (remote) C-Head Cutter Series

BURNDY PATHCC10 (battery) and RHCC10 (remote) C-Head Cutter Series

The unique C-Head tool allows users to simply scoop and cut without the need to open and close a latch, making cutting easier in a variety of applications. The PATHCC10 and RHCC10 Series of cutters are available with four individually designed blades, enabling users to optimize the cutting of the intended cable type with ease and effectiveness. A variety of options are offered including ordering the tools with all blades or specific blades only. The PATHCC10 is a self-contained battery operated cutting tool (18 Volt Ni-MH) and the RHCC10 is a remote power-operated hydraulic cutter (10,000 psi). Both platforms also have covered head versions available.

The PATHCC10 and RHCC10 cutting tools have blade alignment technology, ensuring a clean cut and maximum blade life. The interchangeable blade feature allows you to customize either style to best suit your specific cutting needs.

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