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TE Connectivity Marine High-Voltage Termination and Splice Kits for Maintenance-Free Long Life

TE Connectivity Marine High-Voltage Termination and Splice Kits for Maintenance-Free Long Life

TE Connectivity (TE) debuts new marine high-voltage termination and splice kit products that provide a safe, simple, and secure way to terminate both water and non-water blocked cables rated up to 15 kV. These new kits have been designed to be watertight and feature non-tracking insulation with a revolutionary new electrical stress control system. In addition, the kits assist in ensuring maintenance-free long life, even in highly contaminated areas.

“We offer both heat-applied and cold-applied products to help withstand a variety of hostile environments,” said Terry Huston, field application engineer, TE Connectivity, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “The heat-applied products offer excellent abrasion protection as well as sealing that meets and exceeds the leakage requirements of Mil 24640. The cold-applied products offer flexibility and ease of installation inside cabinets and close-quarter environments.”

The installation procedure for the marine kits is streamlined, making them ideal for a broad range of applications, including commercial and military marine high-voltage cables. The marine high-voltage kits offer mechanical strength, watertight sealing, and the ability to withstand extreme environments.

A wide variety of marine high-voltage kits are available, including:

  • MHHT: Heat-Shrinkable Terminations with Built-In Stress Control, seals equivalent to MIL-STD 24640
  • MHHS: Heat Shrink In-Line Splices for Shielded Cable (0-15 kV)
  • MHCS: In-Line Cold-Applied Splice for Marine Cables (0-15 kV)
  • MHCT: Cold-Applied Terminations for Shielded and Non-Shielded Marine Power Cables (0-15 kV)

These kits contain all the components required to terminate or splice marine cables. They have been designed and tested to IEEE-48 and IEEE-404 standards. They provide excellent environmental sealing, excellent electrical stress control, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

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