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Micron and TE Develop Single-Sided SODIMM Solutions

Micron and TE Develop Single-Sided SODIMM Solutions

Micron’s new Single-Sided SODIMM, developed to provide a reduced-height memory solution for the ultrathin computing market, has components on either the front or back of the module, but not both. When paired with the single-sided DDR3 SODIMM connector from TE, the total z-height of the overall solution from the motherboard is 3mm, a 35% savings compared to 4.6mm for a standard SODIMM solution. Micron’s Single-Sided SODIMM is available in a 4GB, single-rank, and 8x configuration.

In addition to a reduced height, this new module is built using 30nm DDR3L-RS components that consume less power in standby mode compared to standard DDR3. Additionally, Single-Sided SODIMMs are pin-to-pin compatible with current DDR3 modules, making them backward compatible with existing DDR3 SODIMM connectors.

TE engineers designed the new single-sided DDR3 SODIMM connector to deliver peak performance with high-speed data applications. The connector features a 35% reduction in height, compared with similar low-profile connectors, which in turn reduces the height of the end product by 5% to 10%. It also reduces motherboard shadow area by nearly 156 mm2, or 312 mm2 for common dual-socket implementation. The DDR3 SODIMM connector accepts modules that meet JEDEC MO268 industry standards and is offered in both standard and reverse types.

“Given the depth and breadth of ultrathin devices currently on the market, coupled with consumer demands for sleek, lightweight designs, Micron’s objective is to offer solutions that meet the specialized power, portability, and battery life needs [of these devices],” said Kris Kido, Micron’s director of business development, computing devices. “Micron’s unique Single-Sided SODIMM form factor meets those requirements and leads the way for future developments in this growing segment.”

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