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WAGO picoMAX Pluggable Connection System Provides 30% Space Reduction

WAGO picoMAX Pluggable Connection System Provides 30% Space Reduction

A shortened current path, minimal voltage drop, and vibration-resistance up to 20 g enable WAGO Corporation’s picoMAX to change the price-to-performance ratio for PCB applications. The Pluggable Connection System employs a dual-purpose spring design that applies the force of one CAGE CLAMP S contact spring for superior connector integrity and connection strength. This results in up to 30% space reduction for wire-to-board applications, segment-leading vibration-resistance, and absolute connection integrity in operating temperatures up to 125°C.

picoMAX is based on an all-new patented male header and female connector design. The dynamic contact force from one Cr-Ni stainless steel spring clamps conductors and connects the header pin. A truncated contact bridge separates the termination unit from header pin, minimizing contact resistance for absolute signal integrity. It is ideal for applications in industrial electronics such as panel meters, controllers, data loggers, and consumer electronics like garage door openers.

Terminations are simple; directly insert solid or ferruled conductors. Integrated push-buttons provide terminations for stranded conductors. Select units carry gripping plates with sliding connector release. An unlocking tool is available for units without gripping plates.

picoMAX is available in two- to 12-pole configurations for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, board-to-wire, and panel feedthrough variants. It accommodates conductors 24–12 AWG and carries ratings up to 15 A/300V. 3.5mm, 5mm, or 7.5mm pin spacing are available.

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