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Sonobond Dual Head SpliceRite Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

Sonobond Dual Head SpliceRite Ultrasonic Wire Splicer

Reliably weld stranded copper wire bundles with cross-sections of 48 to 100 square millimeters.

Sonobond’s Dual Head SpliceRite Ultrasonic Wire Splicer, the most recent addition to its SpliceRite series, can reliably weld stranded copper wire bundles with cross-sections of 48 to 100 square millimeters. It even accommodates lightly tinned or oxidized wires up to 60 square millimeters without pre-cleaning. No other ultrasonic metal welder, according to Sonobond, can accomplish these splices in a single pulse. This makes the Dual Head SpliceRite ideal for fast, dependable, cost-efficient ultrasonic splicing of the heavy-duty cables used in wire harnesses for cars, trucks, trains, industrial machinery, and similar applications.

The Dual Head SpliceRite features two ultrasonic transducers and couplers, one above and one below the wire bundle. In addition, there is a set of pneumatically driven jaws that gather the wires tightly to a preset width. The upper tip then descends to complete the compressing of the bundle and ultrasonic power is applied. When the cycle has been completed, the jaws open so the wires can be removed. A support for the wire array can also be integrated into the tooling if necessary.

Ultrasonic welding creates solid-state metallurgical bonds that have high conductivity, without producing arcs, sparks, or fumes, and without melting the metals. This is especially true in the case of the Sonobond Dual Head SpliceRite Wire Splicer with its two ultrasonic heads, one on each side of the welding area. As a result of this dual-head capacity, stranded copper wire — with cross-sectional areas of 48 to 100 sq. mm — can be welded with a single pulse. No other ultrasonic machine can equal this capacity with just one hit.

Like Sonobond spot welders, Dual Head SpliceRite uses the unique, patented Wedge-Reed bonding system of high vibratory force and low amplitude coupling. Shear mode vibration, parallel to the welding surface, is utilized while the line of force is directly over the parts to be welded. This creates precise, dependable welds without bending stress or stalling. It also enables most oxidized and tinned metals to be spliced with one pulse and without pre-cleaning. No other ultrasonic metal welding system can consistently weld oxidized or tinned surfaces.

The Dual Head SpliceRite features heat-treated, tool steel taper lock tips that can last for 100,000 welds or more. These are designed for quick tooling changes and help ensure foolproof placement with no need to recalibrate. The equipment has a 3,500-watt power supply with a microprocessor that stores and recalls up to 250 jobs. Welds can be controlled by height, energy, or time.

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