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2013 iNEMI Roadmap Now Available

2013 iNEMI Roadmap Now Available

The 2013 Roadmap was developed by 20 Technology Working Groups (TWGs), in response to inputs from representatives of OEMs in six Product Emulator Groups (PEGs). These groups included more than 650 individuals recruited from over 350 corporations, consortia, government agencies, and universities in 18 countries. iNEMI also coordinated with, and solicited input from, 14 other industry consortia and associations.

The report examines the current state of the industry, where growth rates remain modest as the world deals with the continued hangover from the great economic downturn. While some new product sectors are seeing rapid expansion, the overall growth of the electronics industry remains at 5-6%.

To purchase the iNEMI Roadmap, including the connector report, visit iNEMI online.

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