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GCT Drop-in Board-to-Board Connector Allow PCB Strips Connected from Above

Global Connector Technology (GCT) offers an economical solution for connecting PCB strips in end-to-end orientation, with a vertical SMT socket and U-shaped header that allows horizontal PCB mating with plugging from above. The GCT solution allows LED strips to be slotted into place and a U-shaped header to be plugged in later, an additional benefit is easy repair and maintenance. These features are desirable in solid state lighting applications where space is limited.

GCT’s White Lite connector range is available in 2-6 circuits, vertical socket (BG306) mates with either single insulator (BG304) or double insulator (BG305) U-shaped headers. Insulators are LCP in natural color for better aesthetic effect; the light-colored parts reduce light absorption and shadows.

All options are available in stock for same-day sampling. To speed up your design, download 2D drawings and 3D models from the GCT website.

Visit GCT online.

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