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Bomar’s High Density BNC E-Snap Connectors

October 2012

Bomar Interconnect Products announced the addition of high-density BNC connectors to their E-Snap Series of edgeboard RF connectors. Bomar’s new 75-Ohm high-density BNC interconnects are 51% smaller than traditional BNC devices, permitting four times the density, and 40% smaller than the DIN 1.0/2.3. Their small form factor allows engineers to design more connections into less space while maintaining the stringent performance and reliability characteristics required by the broadcast industry.

Featuring Bomar’s proprietary E-Snap technology, high-density BNCs are uniquely manufactured with small protrusions inside their PCB slots, allowing connectors to “snap” and lock securely into solder-pasted holes when they are mounted to the PC board. Since they are held securely in place prior to reflow soldering, strain on the solder joint is significantly reduced, which facilitates the industry’s most durable mount to the PC board. E-Snap technology notably enables EOEMs to maximize throughput while reducing the time and expenses related to applying adhesives. Additionally, end launch mounting allows for optimal return loss capabilities and VSWR.

Rated for use in 3G applications, Bomar’s rugged HDBNC E-Snap interconnects are suitable for employment in an array of high bandwidth connections in broadcast and digital video-HDTV applications. They are also appropriate for connections in video network routing and switching, and in any application in which standard BNCs connectors may be used.

The high density BNC E-Snaps, along with Bomar’s entire E-Snap Series, meet or exceed all industry mechanical, electrical, and environmental standards. To further ensure reliability, E-Snap connectors have a straight-through contact design and gold-plated contacts. The high density BNCs fit traditional miniature broadcast cables and boast a frequency range of 0-4 GHZ. Parts are supplied in male or female versions and, while gold is the standard, they are offered in a variety of standard- and custom-plating alternatives.

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