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Binder-USA Releases New M12 Connectors With S-Coding

October 16, 2012

Binder-USA has released M12 connectors with a new S-coding design. In order to better transmit power in place of data, Binder has made significant changes to this industry standard M12 connector. By featuring the new S-coding and increasing the contact size, the new Series 814 connectors are now ideal for power applications.

The field-attachable connectors can accept wires up to 16 AWG, allowing the connectors to transfer up to 12 A and 630 V AC. Both male and female connectors have four gold-plated contacts with screw termination for easy in-field wire attachment. When mated and locked, the connectors are IP67-rated, ensuring protection from liquids and debris. Currently cables with an overall diameter between 8 and 10 mm can be attached to this version.

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