In this fifth and final article, Connector Supplier reveals the top 10 connector manufacturers ranked for customer satisfaction in overall website usability.

Bishop & Associates recently completed its biennial US customer survey, in which a total of 395 customers evaluated 42 connector manufacturers on a range of important issues. They answered 17 questions relating to quality, pricing, delivery, lead times, technical support, and more. Thirty-one companies received sufficient evaluations to remain in the final report.

To measure overall website usability Bishop & Associates asked the following questions:

  • What is your overall satisfaction with the company website?
  • How do you rate the ease of finding connector products on the website?
  • Is there sufficient availability of technical documentation and is it easily accessible on the website?
  • Are you satisfied with the process of placing of orders electronically?

In relation to the four questions above, the survey participants were asked: What is your level of satisfaction with the overall website usability? They were asked to choose one of the following:

  • 6 = Extremely satisfied
  • 5 = Very satisfied
  • 4 = Satisfied
  • 3 = Dissatisfied
  • 2 = Very dissatisfied
  • 1 = Extremely dissatisfied

The following table identifies the top 10 companies ranked by average score. These manufacturers received the highest customer evaluations for best performance in customer satisfaction with the company’s overall website usability. The total number of responses is also provided.

Top 10 Suppliers for Website Evaluations

2018 Top 10 Suppliers for Website Evaluations

Samtec, Molex, and Kycon were the three highest-ranked connector companies in this category in the past two surveys conducted. Samtec staked out the number-one spot in both 2016 and 2018. Molex and Kycon switched places with Molex, holding second place this year; Kycon held that spot in 2016. The most improved company was HARTING. In 2016, HARTING placed 21st. This year, the company jumped up 24 places to land in the top 10 at number nine.

Top 10 Suppliers for Website Evaluations in the Past Five Surveys

2018 Top 10 Suppliers for Website Evaluations in the Past Five Surveys

Samtec has maintained the number-one position in the last five Bishop & Associates customer surveys, which is a remarkable achievement. This year’s top six — Samtec, Molex, Kycon, TE Connectivity, Phoenix Contact, and Mill-Max — each received sufficient survey evaluation scores to place them in the top 10 in this website category in last five surveys.

A special congratulations to all of our top 10 achievers.

This is the last in a series of five articles related to the results of the 2018 Bishop & Associates US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry. Please see the firstsecond, third, and fourth articles in the series to learn which companies were rated the Top 10 connector manufacturers. To purchase the full report, call Bishop & Associates at 630-443-2702.

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