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CeeLok FAS-T Connector: Rugged, Field Terminable, 10Gb/s Ethernet I/O Connector

TE Connectivity

The CeeLok FAS-T connector system from TE Connectivity is the most rugged, small form factor, field terminable, I/O connector that meets high-speed 10Gb/s Ethernet performance. Designed for military, commercial aerospace and marine environments, the CeeLok FAS-T connector easily meets today’s requirements and the expected 10 Gb/s speeds needed in the future. Crimp-snap contacts provide easy termination and field repairability, and an integral backshell offers low-cost, low-weight strain relief and 360° EMI shielding.

CeeLok FAS-T Connector:  Rugged, Field Terminable, 10Gb/s Ethernet I/O Connector

The connector’s small form factor (Shell Size 8 – 0.750”) utilizes a panel cutout of .698” (diameter) while maintaining outstanding signal integrity thanks to the T-shaped pin pattern that provides noise cancellation and decoupling designed to minimize cross talk. Additionally, the CeeLok FAS-T connector has been designed to easily survive the harsh environments in military, commercial aerospace and marine/offshore applications – empowering a wide cross section of industry applications from in-flight applications for both commercial and military platforms, as well as ground-based and marine-based needs.

The CeeLok FAS-T connector is a true 100 ohm impedance connector that is compatible with Cat5e, Cat6a and various other protocols ranging from the traditional 90 ohm USB 2.0 to the more widely used 110 ohm IEEE 1394 “fire wire.” Available in both cable-applied and printed circuit board varieties, the CeeLok FAS-T connector uniquely provides a means of transmitting high speed signals from the printed circuit board to system peripherals without sacrificing speed, panel space or environmental performance.

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