Choosing the Right RF Cable Assembly

October 2013 – Because coaxial cable assemblies are so vital to such a wide range of systems, from rugged ground-based electronic systems to satellites orbiting in space, the selection process for those cables should not be treated lightly. Choosing the right coaxial cable assembly is easier when you know what to look for in a high-frequency or high-speed coaxial cable assembly.

High-Flex Versus High-Flex-Life Cable

September 2013 – Once you’ve established that high-flex-life cable is appropriate for your application, you face the dilemma of choosing a supplier. Is high-flex-life cable a commodity, or does it really matter which supplier you choose?

Choosing the Right Cutting and Stripping Machine is All About the Apps

September 2013 – Choosing a new wire cutting and stripping machine can be like shopping for a new car: With so many choices, where does one start? A nice little sports car might be fun to own, but how often will it just sit in the driveway because it can’t carry a load of kids or some odd-sized goods from the home improvement store? Schleuniger’s Pete Doyton walks us through the steps to follow when choosing a new C&S machine.