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Onanon’s Novel Manufacturing Approach Efficiently Produces Small-Volume Lots of Medical Connectors

Robots and customizable PCB materials help Onanon streamline production of medical connectors The connector industry has evolved around a group of fundamental manufacturing processes: Stamping reel-to-reel Electroplating processes (either reel-to-reel or batch-plating in tanks) Molded housings Automated high speed machines that singulate contacts and insert them into the housings The advantages of manufacturing connectors this Read More >>

Advancements in Medical Technology Demand Next-Gen Medical Connectors

Technological advancements throughout the medical market are dramatically enhancing the quality and accessibility of diagnostic information, improving patient treatment, and reducing infection rates. To support this rapidly evolving market, suppliers are being challenged to develop smaller, lighter, higher-speed, and higher-density medical connectors capable of handling big data, meeting demanding cost targets, and delivering additional capabilities, Read More >>


How to Choose a Medical Connector Supplier

When you specify a connector type, you also choose a supplier. Beyond the connector’s design and functionality, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing a connector manufacturer for medical systems.   Many connector companies are very successful, generating continuous growth in revenue and earnings over many years, but it takes even more to Read More >>

Great Connector Inventions: Wafers with Integrated Ground Planes

In the latest article in this series, Dave Brearley looks at Teradyne Connector Systems’ innovative VHDM connectors that combined ground-plane and lead-frame wafers.   You may remember that AMP’s patent associated with the Z-pack 2mm HM (hard metric) with ground planes between wafers was not tooled for the 2mm HM connector, primarily because it was difficult to Read More >>

Creative ideas in connector develoopment

The Hottest Connector Technology of 2016 (So Far!)

With the first half of 2016 behind us, Bishop & Associates’ Dave Brearley takes a look at the hot products and technologies that are dominating the year so far.   The Hottest Connector Technology of 2016 (So Far!) Writing about connector innovations is always fun; recent developments are no exception. Innovative connector solutions have been Read More >>

Great Connector Inventions: Backplane Stiffeners

Backplane connectors with large molded housings existed in the late 1980s but were expensive and very difficult to make. True position for all of the pins had to be accurate or the connector could not be placed easily on the boards and mated. Teradyne Connector Systems found a solution.   Teradyne Connector Systems (TCS) was a Read More >>

Great Connector Inventions: Connector “Chicklets” Revolutionize Backplanes

We continue our “Great Connector Inventions” series with a look at “chicklets,” which revolutionized automation by increasing the overall speed and efficiency of designing in backplane connectors.   The Germans are renowned for developing and enforcing mechanical standards that are used worldwide. They initially developed the DIN 41612 connector family and the Eurocard chassis standards, Read More >>

Great Connector Inventions: 2mm Metral

The development of the 2mm Metral connector changed the telecom industry forever.   The connector industry is very interesting, in part, because of exciting inventions developed by engineers – some of which have such an impact that the direction of the industry is changed. In the late ‘80s, telecom OEMs were outgrowing the capabilities of Read More >>

Creative ideas in connector develoopment

Great Connector Inventions: Compliant Press-Fit Pins

In the first of a new series that focuses on key achievements in the development of backplane connector technology, we look at the role of compliant press-fit pins.   Compliant pins, waferized connector designs, modular connectors, egg-crate shielding, air-dielectric designs – we can now look back on inventions like these and put them in perspective. Read More >>

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Why Connector Giants Expand into Sensors

Is it for the sake of technology advancement, broader customer appeal, or just a good business opportunity? Bishop & Associates’ David Brearley looks at why connector giants expand into sensors.    You may have noticed there have been several acquisitions of sensor companies by connector companies in recent years. TE Connectivity, for example, acquired Measurement Read More >>