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Mobile Network Operators Push on to 5G

We’ve been hearing about 4G mobile phones for several years now, and though they’re now mainstream, their full capabilities remain in short usage. Even though we do not have true 4G yet, mobile network operators push on to 5G. The evolution of the mobile phone networks, while seemingly slow, has made great progress over the last Read More >>

FCI's QSFP+ 40Gbase CR4 cable assembly

The Future of Copper 40-Gigabit Ethernet

The first standard for 40G structured cabling, IEEE 802.3ba, only covered fiber optics and short-reach copper twinax. Now an active task force is developing a copper twisted-pair standard. Here is a look at the technology and potential market for copper 40-Gigabit Ethernet. While the TIA touts its premise wiring standards as “application non-specific,” the industry Read More >>

Leading Connector Suppliers Showcased at OFC 2014

Many top connector companies have re-entered the active optical communications industry, mainly due to the obvious bandwidth and size limitations of their copper products. Here’s a look at the technology leading connector suppliers showcased at OFC 2014.  Amphenol, Corning, FCI, Hirose, Molex, Samtec, TE Connectivity, and US Conec showcased their products at the Optical Fiber Read More >>

Is Your 4G Mobile Phone Really Getting 4G Speed?

Is Your 4G Mobile Phone Really Getting 4G Speed?

When the first mobile phone networks were built back in the 1990s, there were only a few cellular towers spread very sparsely around the world. Now, you can hardly go a mile before you see another tower. To support this growth, carriers have gone from 1X to 2G to 3G and now 4G. Yet, the upgrade path of the networks that connect those towers back to the fixed-line telephone and data networks (the Internet) has not kept up.

Enterprise and Mobile Drive the Telecom Market

Enterprise and Mobile Drive the Telecom Market

April 16, 2013 – While the carrier network, enterprise network, mobile and wireless, and cable equipment infrastructure sectors all showed slight declines in 2012, the enterprise sector increased in revenue by more than 4%, in spite of continued challenging macro-economic conditions. In 2013, Bishop & Associates is optimistic about the slowly rebounding telecommunications market.

OFC/NFOEC Showcased Leading Connector Suppliers

OFC/NFOEC Showcased Leading Connector Suppliers

April 2, 2013 – Amphenol, Corning, FCI, Hirose, Molex, Samtec, TE Connectivity, USConec, and Y-Connect showcased their products at the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) and National Fiber-Optic Engineers Conference (NFOEC) that was held March 17-21 in Anaheim, Calif. As in the past two years, 40/100G datacom and telecom connectors and cable assemblies were shown, but this year, there were even more exciting new optical interconnects on display, and several suppliers showcased optical engines, an entirely new direction for some.

Ethernet Networks Progress to 400 Gb/s

February 5, 2013 – Recently, the IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Ethernet Consensus Ad Hoc group decided to focus its efforts on the next data rate of 400 Gb/s. The evolution of Ethernet technology hasbeen nothing short of remarkable: The next speed is in development before the current one has even reached the masses.

Yamaichi Expands Y-Con RJ45 Product Family with Cat 6A Jack

Structured Cabling Technology and Market Assessment

January 15, 2013 – The recession reduced investment, cancelled many projects, and impacted budgets in the structured cabling market. Meanwhile, changes in IT technology reshuffled the product mix end-users demand from manufacturers, forcing companies to reconsider their portfolios and adjust the way they approach the market.