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Is Amazon the Next Big Thing in Distribution?

Is Amazon the Next Big Thing in Distribution? Amphenol Industrial Global Operations has announced that it now offers a variety of its products on Amphenol is the first connector company to sell its products through the online store. The on-line offering includes products from 10 of Amphenol’s series, including Amphenol’s 97 Series, 5015, 26482 Read More >>

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Connector Distributors are Feeling Price Pressure

Competition is the primary cause for the decrease in both prices and margins. In a downturn, price competition heats up and the cannibalization of margins begins. Are distributors becoming their own worst enemies?

Distribution Posts First Negative Quarter Since 2009

Sales have slowed down, but there’s no reason to panic: These numbers are acceptable and distributors maintain a positive business outlook. History says it’s all part of the normal business cycle, but Bishop & Associates is keeping a close eye on it.