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Binder M12 SMT Connectors

The Binder M12 SMT connectors can be soldered directly to the PCB surface to reduce assembly time.

Binder-USABinder M12 SMT Connectors announced an addition to its M12 line of connector products that features SMT termination. The recently developed SMT receptacle can be soldered directly to the surface of the printed circuit board to better adapt to a variety of applications while reducing assembly time.

The SMT panel-mount connectors have been added across all of Binder’s M12 A-, B-, and D-coded connectors, with various pin options available including gold-plated four-, five-, and eight-contact versions.

“With applications becoming increasingly sophisticated, original equipment manufacturers are expected to provide products in time to meet critical applications in today’s manufacturing world,” said Joe Amato, director of sales and marketing at Binder-USA. “We’re excited about these new SMT receptacles in our M12 product line. New designs like this allow us to offer more advanced solutions.”

Binder’s SMT connectors offer optional housings in various heights, which allow for flexible installation. The insulated body is made of temperature-resistant LCP. These panel-mount versions are IP67-rated to protect the panel from FOD and liquids.

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