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Carlisle IT Heatless Crimp Splices

The Carlisle IT Heatless Crimp Splices reduce downtime with easy installation using a positive locking insulator assembly.

Carlisle Heatless Crimp SplicesCarlisle IT’s Heatless Crimp Splices are manufactured to provide high-quality performance in the harshest operating environments, while reducing downtime with a quick and easy installation that uses a positive locking insulator assembly. Since there is no heat required to install, this new type of crimp splice will save considerable labor hours as flammable fuels no longer need to be purged prior to repair — and no special tools are needed.

The crimp splices provide a small form factor with three color-coded variations to easily identify what gauge wire will fit in the splice as well as what crimping tool to use. The crimp grommet colors are visible through a Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) transparent sleeve that allows visual inspection of the crimp barrel seating before and after completion of the splice.

This innovative new crimp splice uses standard AS81824/1 crimp tools and a simple internal locking mechanism to lock into place. The environmental seal fulfills the SAE AS81824/1 performance requirements while still providing an optimal solution for splicing cable in harsh environments. The operational temperature range of -55ºC to 175ºC provides more resistance to heat than the standard crimp splice and like the standard crimp splice, the heatless version protects wiring from exposure to salt spray, water, fuels, de-icing fluids, and cleaning solvents.

The crimp barrels are made with the same high-grade aerospace materials used in Carlisle’s AS39029 contacts and are produced from solid stock as opposed to stamped and formed or multi-part bodies. This superior mechanical strength before and after crimping ensures a strong connection that will withstand the rigors of a demanding environment.

CarlisleIT’s Heatless Crimp Splice is an ideal solution for when maintenance is required on, or near, flammable liquids to achieve a superior seal. This product can be expanded beyond just military and commercial aircraft applications to oil and gas exploration and refineries, heavy equipment and industrial machinery, marine vessels, and military ground vehicles.

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