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  • The Race to Technology Leadership

    As technology innovation becomes the engine that reshapes economies, a new group of countries is making the investments necessary to come out ahead of the pack. A sage once observed that a turtle makes no progress until it sticks its neck out of its protected shell. That could certainly apply to companies involved in the Read More >>

  • Connector Companies Get Smarter, Faster With Acquisitions

    Electronics companies are consolidating their expertise with acquisitions as new technologies become part of the connector ecosystem. When is a connector company more than a connector company? When it is also a wire and cable company, a sensor company, an antenna company, a transceiver and transponder company, and even, sometimes, a software company. As increasingly complex Read More >>

Industry Facts and Figures

Tariffs and the Electronic Connector Industry

As talk of tariffs threatens to become action, the electronics industry is poised for pain. By Ron Bishop, Bishop & Associates, Inc. Tariffs and the Electronic Connector Industry The implementation of tariffs on goods imported into the United States to address trade imbalances has been seriously discussed by the Trump administration for over a year. Read More >>

OEMs Experience Continuing Growth

Bishop & Associates takes a closer look at OEM sales results and the business outlook. OEMs Experience Continuing Growth Bishop & Associates tracks sales and profits of 13 market sectors and more than 120 companies. The objectives are to determine how selected electronic markets have performed, identify sales and profit trends for forecasting purposes, and Read More >>

Business is Excellent and Confidence is High about the Future

2017 ended on a high note for the electronics industry, and connector manufacturers are optimistic about 2018. The connector industry’s strong performance in 2017 has created an environment of optimism as we settle into the new year. In our recent surveys of the industry, we’ve found high expectations for continued growth in the months ahead. Read More >>

We Crunch the Numbers

Look for more in-depth industry analysis in 2018 as Bishop & Associates shares valuable data about global connector industry trends. Who are the top companies in the connector industry? Where are those companies located? How is connector demand changing? In 2018, we’ll reveal this and more in-depth industry analysis of the top companies and trends Read More >>

Top 10

The Highest-Ranking Connector Companies

These companies achieved a Top 10 ranking in at least one of four key categories. Every year, we identify the connector companies that most stand out in this ever-changing industry. It’s no easy task to keep up with the next big innovation — especially when that phenomenon is occurring across multiple markets. Yet every year, Read More >>

Top 10

The Top 10 in World Sales

We took names. We analyzed the numbers. Now we’ll share the results. Last month, we provided readers with in-depth, behind-the-scenes insight into the complicated process of engaging with suppliers throughout the interconnect industry and conducting careful analysis of a great deal of hard data to formulate our market reports. Before we publish our market reports, Read More >>

Top 10

2017 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers by 2016 Sales

The top 10 connector manufacturers, as a group, achieved $32 billion in annual sales in 2016, or 59.8% of world connector demand. The following table identifies the top 10 as defined by total world connector sales. Table 1 (above) reveals some interesting trends: The top four connector manufacturers are all US-based companies: TE Connectivity #1, Read More >>

Top 10

Top 10 Landscape Changes in the Connector Industry

We track the top companies over the decades. This year’s ranking uncovers some new players — and some that we’ve known for along time. Since 1980, there has been a dramatic change in the companies that comprise the top 10. Some companies have moved up in rank, others have moved out of the top 10, Read More >>

China flag on chip

The Rise of Asian Connector Manufacturers

The Chinese market’s growth over the past decade has been phenomenal. What does the future hold? 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for the electronic connector industry. As of the end of August, global sales of connectors are up over 10%, with Bishop & Associates forecasting 7.1% growth for the full year. Read More >>

Top 10

2017 Top 10 European Connector Suppliers for On-Time Delivery and Website Usability

The results are in for the 2017 Bishop & Associates European Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry. We reveal the top 10 European connector suppliers for On-Time Delivery and Overall Website Usability. Bishop & Associates has completed its biennial European customer survey, which evaluated 46 connector manufacturers. A total of 337 of your peers answered Read More >>