Connection Basics

Back to Connector Basics: A Q&A with APEX

December 2013 – In 2014, the engineers and scientists of APEX Electrical Connector Consultants LLC will treat our readers to a series of articles on connector basics. We thought it would be fun to kick off the feature in this issue with a Q&A led by Bishop’s John MacWilliams.


Dr. Bob on Connector Wear Mechanisms

September 2013 – Wear issues are best addressed in the design and manufacture of the connector system. Dr. Bob explains what causes wear in a connector and how the science behind the process works, then makes recommendations to help protect against connector wear in your next design.

Heat-Shrink Products Evolve to Meet New Application Demands

Heat-shrink tubing has been a staple in the electronics industry for more than 50 years. It is used for sealing, protecting, insulating, strain-relieving, and identifying wires and cables. Today, sustainable design and technological innovations have spurred the development of new heat-shrink products that meet special requirements and expand the range of possible applications.