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  • oil and gas industry sensors

    Connected Solutions Drive Change in the Oil and Gas Industry

    Digitization is transforming the oil and gas industry. Starting with the equipment used in oil exploration and drilling and extending to automation, remote monitoring, data security, and logistics, connected systems play a key role. The oil and gas industry is in the spotlight, as petroleum and shale oil producers fight for dominance in a marketplace Read More >>

  • 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook

    Our new 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook features 16 technical, tutorial articles by leading interconnect authorities that address new challenges for electronics exposed to extreme environments, new connectivity technologies developed to surmount them, and best practices for connector specification and design-in. It also features a collection of 60 ruggedized connector products from 38 suppliers with proven Read More >>

Technology News

Not Old, Just Older: Legacy Connectors in Current Designs

By Raymond Yuen, Portfolio Director – Commercial at FCI ElectronicsLegacy connectors are dependable, reliable devices that offer design engineers a no-risk solution that has been proven in the field for decades. These interconnect products typically offer the most cost-effective solution, as these commodity devices are standardized and do not involve customized engineering or specialty designs to Read More >>

The End of the Internet as We Know It?

Is It The End of the Internet as We Know It? Freedom of speech is a core belief in America, codified in the First Amendment to the Constitution. That universal human principle was designed into the founding architecture of the Internet by DARPA and others in the United States industry, government and academia. The now-free Read More >>

Contract Manufacturing: A $300B Industry

December 4, 2012 – The shift from OEM to EMS/ODM has been particularly challenging for the connector industry, but at $300B, it’s no longer just a fad or trend. John MacWilliams takes a closer look at the evolution of the industry, where it is today, and what might happen next. 

2012 Annual Product Review

Adjusting to the challenging global economy of 2012, many connector manufacturers focused more on filling out existing product offerings to better match immediate system packaging needs and emerging trends rather than introducing groundbreaking new products. Offering connector product lines that feature good, better, and best options provides the ability to deliver the needed performance at Read More >>

Which Way Is the Wind Blowing?

November 20, 2012 – Offshore wind is an important component of global plans to increase the amount of renewable generation and reduce dependence on the use of fossil fuels. Much of the near-term market growth for offshore wind will remain in Europe; however, long-term growth opportunities are projected in Korea, China, and Japan. Jenny Bieksha reports on the pros and cons of the technology, the challenges for implementation in the near future, and how it affects Europe’s 2020 target for renewable energies.

Modernizing Military Vehicles: Vetronics

October 2012 – As defense spending moves away from research and development, vetronics offers a minimalist approach by reducing and consolidating vehicle electronic systems. Bishop’s Jenny Bieksha examines the market opportunities in this sector.

Power Connectors: Taking the Heat

September 4, 2012 – The power connector segment has experienced an extreme makeover in both product and philosophy, and is now much better aligned with the needs of current and next-generation equipment designers. What does the future hold?