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C&M Corporation MastLite Product Family Corporation announced the availability of its new MastLite product family.

Designed for use in portable light towers, MastLite coil cords offer reduced weight compared to similar products, maximized flexibility for ease of routing during installation, and a wide temperature range for operation. Available with rugged PUR or TPES jacket materials, these products can be fully customized to include conductor count, gauge, coil cord dimensions, and extension force, making MastLite an ideal product for any portable lighting application.

The introduction of this product family represents more than a year of development work by the C&M engineering team. The project was undertaken with the goal of creating a coil cord solution that leveraged C&M’s expertise in materials science, coil cord mechanics, manufacturing methodologies, and equipment customization.

After thorough evaluations by Underwriters Laboratories, the MastLite family carries verifiable UL or cЯU certifications, and is available with multiple shielding options to include engineered constructions that offer maximum protection from EMI emissions.

The superior performance characteristics of MastLite coil cord have applications in other industrial power delivery systems where “can’t fail” performance in a harsh environment is essential to eliminate costly equipment downtime.

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