BTC Electronic Components Inc.

Your Source for High Reliability Connectors

BTC Electronic Components is a Franchised Value Added Assembling Distributor of connectors, backshells and interconnect accessories for more than 30 manufacturers including Sealtron (Ametek), Aero-Electric (Conesys) and Glenair. BTC has supplied connectors and accessories to the military, aerospace and commercial industries since 1980.

BTC’s Commitment to quality, service and on-time delivery has earned the company several awards with Boeing and Lockheed Martin for 100% On-Time Delivery and Quality. Often described as “easy to do business with”, BTC is a strong partner for many customers. In addition to the available value-added services, tailored inventory stocking programs, kitting and various cost-down initiatives are among the most popular services provided.

BTC recognizes that in-depth product and application knowledge are key elements to providing solutions for customers. The technical expertise of BTC’s sales staff is unsurpassed in the industry. Technical assistance can be provided to buyers and engineers supporting customers from the design stage through manufacturing to the end of life / spares cycle. BTC is able to offer second sourcing and cross-referrals on many components helping to avoid long lead-times and sole source situations.


BTC Electronic Components, The Connector Experts

BTC’s Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Division manufactures singular components to complex assemblies with small quantity requirements and a quick turnaround on prototypes. BTC provides full electrical testing and all assemblies and harnesses are manufactured in accordance to relevant industry and military standards. Specialized experts in harness manufacturing are available and ready to assist with harness configuration.

Certifications: AS9100:2016, ISO9001:2015, MIL-STD-790, ITAR Registered, SAE AS5553 Compliant, Small Business.

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