Concord Electronics

Precision-machined Engineering Services

CONCORD ELECTRONICS, INC., a trusted manufacturer for over 50 years, is a leading provider of engineering solutions and manufacturer of high reliability, precision-machined interconnect components, hardware and test accessories.

Proudly MADE IN THE USA, a majority of our parts are produced at our Long Island City, New York facility and used in a wide variety of industries: automotive, avionics, energy, industrial, instrumentation, marine, medical, military and telecommunications.

Concord Electronics is also a Qualified Product Listed (QPL) supplier for MIL-DTL-39024 and a recognized manufacturer of both MIL-T-55155 (Group A) and A-A-59126 components. For this reason, Concord adheres to Mil-Spec standards and routinely performs rigorous testing to ensure its customers receive the highest quality components.

Our Product Portfolio

Concord Electronics provides a broad portfolio of both standard military and commercial products that includes: Terminals, PC Jacks and Panel Jacks, PC Pin Terminals and Plugs, Banana Plugs, Banana Jacks, Phone Tips, Binding Posts, Standoffs, Spacers, Bushings, Electronics Hardware, Electronic Knobs, Electronics Handles, Electronic Test Products and Tools, Solder Terminals and Solderless Terminals.

Our Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Concord Electronics offer a wide range of services and high-quality customized engineered products that meet the rigorous requirements of the military and aerospace markets including standard commercial applications. Additional capabilities include Thermal Injection Molding, Electroplating, Engineering Services and Product Testing. For more info, please visit our Engineering Solutions page.

Easy Four-Step Online Ordering Process:

Our new E-Commerce Shopping Cart System has been designed specifically to better serve our customers, provide real-time product and stock information with an easy four-step shopping cart experience.

Concord Electronics is committed to REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Minerals compliance practices that reduce key environmental impacts and comply with corporate social responsibilities in our globalized world.

Our products are sold directly and through our Franchised Distribution Network. For additional information, please visit our site, or contact us directly.

Featured Products

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