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Dawson Shanahan Ltd.

History, Experience and Resources

Precision Engineering Capabilities

With almost a century of experience, we specialize in precision cold forming and CNC machining of customer specified connectors for use across industry, from high voltage power generation and transmission, to electric vehicles.

We work closely with your team to design, develop and manufacture custom-engineered or standard connectors, components and assemblies in low and high volumes.

Throughout, we provide the knowledge, expertise and support to help you engineer connectors and associated parts that ensure outstanding reliability and functionality at great prices. We work hard to engineer complexity and cost out of every project, exploiting the properties of different materials and engineering process to deliver solutions that help customers achieve exception levels of product performance.

Volumes and Materials

Our volume capabilities range from one-off prototypes, small batch production from 50 to 100 components, and large volume production up to 30 million connectors per year. We can work in almost any metal, including copper, aluminum brass, nickel, mild and stainless steels, with our engineering capability being supported by component assembly, laser marking, packaging and delivery around the world.

Processes and Tolerances

Investment in advanced manufacturing equipment is at the heart of what we do. It enables us to meet the diverse and ever-changing requirements of our customers and deliver a total precision engineered solution. Our capabilities include:


Since the early days of Dawson Shanahan, back in 1920 when we were an engine rebuilding business, we’ve expanded our services considerably and now partner with customers across the globe in almost every sector including:

Quality standards

We work to the highest quality standards to give you complete peace of mind. These include:

Products include

Crimp termination
Plug termination
Flat tail termination
Tapped hole termination
Threaded post termination

Call us now to talk to us about your needs and find out what we can do for your business.

Call us now to talk to us about your needs and what we can do for your business today.


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