Plastronics: Join the HPin Revolution.

For more than 40 years, Plastronics has been a leading global provider of technology and innovation for semiconductor reliability testing and fixturing.

Plastronics manufactures the H-Pin® — a complete line of high-performance, low-cost, stamped spring probe pins serving applications down to 180-micron pitch. The H-Pin manufacturing process is fully automated and controlled, ensuring product reliability at a project-enabling price.

Turn to H-Pin Connectors for Extreme Conditions

Plastronics H-Pins

You shouldn’t have to compromise your electronics package design due to the limitations of available catalog connectors. By incorporating fully-customized H-Pin connector into your design, you can test your designs under virtually any conditions for a price that’s comparable to a generic catalog connector.

See how the H-Pin stacks up when it comes to extreme conditions in:


Plastronics H-Pin Connectors solve density issues by allowing you to either shrink your footprint, or get a lot more functionality out of the space you have. In many applications, a single, custom-designed Plastronics H-Pin Connector can replace multiple catalog connectors, allowing you to simplify your board layout and save time and money.

Power & Speed

In certain situations, Plastronics H-Pin Connectors carry 1.5X to 2X more current per pin than standard connectors. And the H-Pin’s unique construction provides stable, flat resistance curves while providing signal integrity between 10GHz and 75GHz. Bottom line: Plastronics H-Pin Connectors give you power and performance without compromise.

Temperature & Harsh Environments

Plastronics H-Pin Connectors will perform at a temperature range between -55°C and 220°C, depending on insulator material selection. Our standard designs are rated between -40°C and 180°C. The H-Pin is regularly used in HAST and salt spray environments. Need to test under unique conditions? With 40 years of back-end semiconductor testing experience, we’ve seen it all.

Plastronics Socket

Plastronics Pins








18 of the world’s top 25 semiconductor companies are using the H-pin in their applications. Now it’s your turn.


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