Connector and Cable Assembly Supplier

QA Technology Company Inc.

World Class Testing and Interconnect Products

QA Technology has served the electronics industry with specialized interconnection solutions for over thirty years. Known primarily for its industry leading test probes that are used for in-circuit testing of printed circuit boards and for interfacing fixtures with automatic test equipment (ATE), QA has recently expanded its product offerings to include the integraMate® series of patented, hyperboloid contacts for high reliability connectors.

integraMate® next generation hyperboloid contacts offer low insertion force, high cycle life, freedom from worrying about shock and vibration, and low electrical resistance. They are perfect for mil-aero and medical applications since their exclusive reduced diameter allows them to fit into today’s modern smaller connector platforms.   integraMate® discrete contacts are available for connector manufacturers, cable assemblers and OEMs in mating pin sizes from 0.4mm diameter up to 1.5mm diameter (1.0A to 12.0A) for spacings as small as 1.0mm from center to center. integraMate® contacts are also available in a family of latching circular connectors with 3, 7, 9 & 14 positions.

QA Test Probes feature a patented rolled tube design that continues to outperform conventional probes by offering the tightest pointing accuracy with a biasing system providing low and consistent electrical resistance. The patented X Probe Socketless Series® eliminates the need for a standard socket allowing a larger more robust probe to be mounted on closer center-to-center spacing, maintaining a reliable electrical contact from the probe tip to the termination.

QA Technology’s goal is to offer products manufactured to the highest quality, while maintaining an unsurpassed level of service to customers.  QA designs and manufactures its own production equipment.  By tightly controlling the entire process, from initial design concept to finished machining, QA Technology produces world-class interconnect products, offers competitive prices and typically ships all orders within 24-hours.

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