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2016 Top 10 Connector Suppliers for Shipment Delivery

The results are in for the 2016 Bishop & Associates US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry, and in this issue we reveal the top 10 connector suppliers for shipment delivery.



Bishop & Associates just completed its biennial US customer survey, which evaluated 52 connector manufacturers.

A total of 390 of your peers answered 19 questions relating to important issues such as quality, pricing, delivery, lead times, technical support, and more.

The distribution of responses throughout the sales channel is shown in the following table:

Distribution of Responses by Sales Channel

2016 US Customer Survey distribution of responses chart

Note: 46% of participants were engineers and 36.7% were purchasers.

Survey participants were asked: What is your level of satisfaction with the performance in meeting promised ship dates? They were asked to choose one of the following:

6 = Extremely satisfied
5 = Very satisfied
4 = Satisfied
3 = Dissatisfied
2 = Very dissatisfied
1 = Extremely dissatisfied

The following table identifies the top 10 companies that received the highest customer evaluations for best performance in meeting promised ship dates and total responses.

Top 10 Suppliers for Meeting
Promised Ship Dates

US customer Survey - Top 10 Companies to meet shipping deadlines

(*6.000 = Highest possible score)

Kycon, Samtec, and ODU placed first, second, and third, respectively, in the 2016 US Customer Survey. New to this year’s list are ODU Connection Systems, ERNI Electronics, and Molex.

The following table is a comparison of the rankings of this year’s 10 top connector manufacturers for meeting promised ship dates versus the previous four years in which the survey was conducted.

Top 10 Suppliers for Meeting Promised Ship Dates
in the Past Five Surveys

2016 US Customer Survey - Top 10 for meeting ship date past 5 surveys

Kycon and Samtec placed first or second in the last five US surveys conducted. ODU experienced the largest increase in rank from 2014 to 2016, jumping from No. 39 to third place. ERNI Electronics and Weidmuller entered the top 10 for the first time in 2016.

This is the third of five articles related to the results of the 2016 Bishop & Associates US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry. The last two articles will further highlight the top 10 companies based on price competitiveness and website evaluation. To purchase the full report, call Bishop & Associates at 630-443-2702.

No part of this article may be used without the permission of Bishop & Associates Inc.

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