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GCT Nano SIM Connector

The GCT Nano SIM connector has been re-engineered with a tiny footprint.

GCTGCT Nano SIM Connector launched the re-engineered SIM8050 Nano SIM connector, which at .425” x .480” has the smallest footprint of any push-pull connector on the market. The product has evolved to include a protective full metal shell and a height reduction to .053”. Improved card insertion and extraction allows for a better user experience, while maintaining excellent vibration and shock characteristics.

GCT’s Nano SIM socket accepts the fourth form factor Nano SIM card format. This format measures .484” x .346” x .026” and maintains existing SIM contact arrangements while reducing insulator size and thickness versus Micro SIM cards. Nano SIM cards are approximately 15% slimmer than .029”-thick Mini and Micro SIM cards.

SIM8050 is a push-pull connector with six contacts and .053” height above the PCB. Measuring just .425” x .480”, a full metal shell protects the Nano SIM card. The connector is suitable for 5,000 card insertion cycles, while a card stop function prevents mis-orientation during card insertion. Plastic pegs and SMT hold-downs offer accurate PCB placement and PCB retention strength. To speed up design, downloadable drawings, 3D models, and specifications are available from the GCT website.

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