December 2013

Harwin announced a first in manufacturing technology, making an $800,000 investment at its Portsmouth manufacturing headquarters, which will lead to increased efficiencies and enable the company to remain competitive with its innovative product range.

The investment strengthens a 30-year relationship with automatic stamping press maker, Bruderer, and the world’s first integration of a planetary gearbox into the shaft of the main motor. “This new technology removes the need for a separate development press,” said Paul McGuinness, Harwin’s operations director. “It enables us to put new tools through at the lowest stroke rate and at full press capacity – allowing us to identify any issues before flicking a switch on full production. This approach brings many advantages: increased efficiency; reduced costs; less space requirements; and even logistics benefits, since tools have to be transported less.”

Harwin continually invests in the latest manufacturing technology in order to support its new product development program and remain competitive. The new Bruderer equipment – the first installation of its type anywhere in the world – will be especially beneficial for the rapid development of Harwin’s EZ-BoardWare range of surface-mount PCB hardware solutions for EMC, test, cable, and battery management.

“This is a really exciting project and we’re delighted to bring a world’s first in machine technology to the UK, which will help a forward-looking manufacturer expand and create jobs,” said Adrian Haller, managing director at Bruderer UK.

“A large part of our focus is on developing high reliability components that go into innovative applications, such as nano satellites, top-tier auto-sport, and even NASA’s Robonaut. This new investment and others we have planned give us the capability to continue to lead from the front, not to mention a host of efficiency and cost savings as we continue to invest in our UK manufacturing facility,” said McGuinness.

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