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WAGO Releases Lighting Interface Actuators

WAGO Corp. released its new 753-647 DALI Multi-Master Module controls 64 Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) actuators and connects with up to 64 sensors. The new product eliminates installing a sensor-only parallel bus (e.g., brightness measurement and presence detection), boosting DALI operational efficiency via a more cohesive network structure, the company said.

Emphasizing usability, WAGO developed a configuration GUI for 753-647 that simplifies commissioning and management of DALI networks. The software’s most prominent features include simplified project overview, optimized device addressing, efficient volume processing and data backup and restore functions. To provide DALI control without extensive programming, WAGO created an “easy mode.” This runs commonly used switching/dimming functions, as well as light scenes, within the network via digital data points for both devices and groups.

Visit WAGO online.

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