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New Product News Roundup: September 2017 – Part II

In the market for a new solution? We’ve rounded up, summarized, and linked the latest connectors, cables, assemblies, tools, accessories, and development kits to hit the market. New Product News Connectors, Inserts, Pins, Probes, Sockets, and Modules ITT Cannon’s new CTC Series high-performance, cost-effective cable-to-cable interconnects deliver ruggedized, environmentally sealed, easy-install, low-maintenance solutions for harsh-environment Read More >>

New Product

New Wire and Cable Product Roundup

Check out this week’s product roundup for information about some of the latest and greatest wire and cabling solutions spanning connectors and cordsets to hand tools.   New Wire and Cable Product Roundup Pasternack’s four new high-performance, flexible VNA test cables operate at up to 110GHz and deliver precise results for VNA, semiconductor probe, and Read More >>

Interconnect Industry News: February 2017

See below for updates about new product introductions and distribution news.   Product News TE launched new Sliver internal cabled interconnects. Designed to provide one of the most flexible solutions in the market for making I/O connections on the board, this new technology simplies design and helps lower overall costs by eliminating the need for Read More >>

Ultra miniature RF

Automation Challenges for Ultraminiature RF Cable Assemblies

As the need for smaller cable assemblies continues, speed, precision, and quality control will be hot topics among manufacturers dealing with ultraminiature RF cable assemblies.     The key trend in mobile electronics today is to make products that are smaller, thinner, and lighter, yet mobile electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and portable Read More >>

Schleuniger CT 65 Hydraulic Press

Schleuniger CT 65 Hydraulic Press

The Schleuniger CT 65 hydraulic press is a programmable crimping machine for heavy-gauge crimping applications.  Schleuniger’s powerful CT 65 hydraulic crimping machine is designed for loose-piece, heavy-gauge crimping applications. Its parallel crimping action delivers up to 150kN (16.9 tons) for applications up to 400mm2 (750 MCM). The quality of the crimp is guaranteed by a full-cycle mechanism that Read More >>

What’s New with the A-620-B Standard?

IPC/WHMA A-620-B is an excellent tool for everyone involved in the building of wire harnesses because it greatly simplifies best practices for the harness supplier. The WHMA’s Donnie Hill updates us on the latest revisions to the standard.   IPC/WHMA – A-620-B is the current wire harness standard developed jointly by IPC and the Wire Harness Read More >>

Weidmuller’s PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR Crimping Tools

Weidmuller’s PZ 10 HEX and PZ 10 SQR Crimping Tools

Weidmuller’s new crimping tools provide precise results for secure connections. Weidmuller introduces two new high-quality, self-adjusting crimping tools, the PZ 10 HEX for hex-shape crimps and the PZ 10 SQR for square-shape crimps. These new crimp tools create stable electrical crimped connections that meet the requirements of DIN 41641-1 for solderless crimping and exceed the Read More >>

Schleuniger UniCrimp 100 Bench Crimping Press

Schleuniger UniCrimp 100 Bench Crimping Press

The Schleuniger UniCrimp 100 bench crimping press can process wires up to 6mm2. Schleuniger’s new UniCrimp 100 delivers power and precision at a very competitive price. It is a simple and cost-effective crimping press that provides high-quality performance. With 20 kN (2.2 tons) of crimping force, the UniCrimp 100 can process wires up to 6mm2 (10AWG). Read More >>

How to series

Improve Crimp Quality to Increase Productivity

Poor crimps can slow down a production line. Schleuniger explains how to improve crimp quality to increase productivity.   A high quality crimp termination will usually exceed the service life of the product in which it is installed. On the other hand, a marginal quality crimp termination can cause electrical failures early in a product’s Read More >>

News Briefs

Melni Connectors Jumps into the Shark Tank

Idaho-based Melni Connectors was started by an inventor who designed a connector based on a children’s toy. Last week he found himself on the television hit Shark Tank, pitching the idea to potential investors.   Inventor Mark Melni didn’t know a children’s toy would leave him swimming with the sharks. Although the connector industry is dominated by Read More >>

A New Paradigm in Crimping Press Design

While traditional crimping press designs work very well, manufacturing costs are often higher than desired. Rob Boyd of Schleuniger explains the benefits of a new paradigm in crimping press design.   It goes without saying that manufacturing companies want the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. These days, everyone is trying to do Read More >>

Schleuniger CT Series Pneumatic Crimping Machines for Loose-Piece Crimping Applications

Schleuniger CT Series Pneumatic Crimping Machines for Loose-Piece Crimping Applications

Next-generation replacements for the Schleuniger CT Series Pneumatic Crimping Machines offer more power, flexibility, and productivity. For years, the Schleuniger CT Series Pneumatic Crimping Machines have proven an ideal solution for a large range of loose-piece crimping applications. Now Schleuniger has launched the next generation replacement machines with the introduction of the new CT series. Read More >>