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Backshell Considerations for Mission-Critical Mil/Aero Applications

Affording backshells the same design process considerations as connector selection can help prevent delays, cost overruns, and premature failures in mission-critical mil/aero applications Rudy Ramos, Project Manager – Technical Content Marketing, Mouser Electronics Mil/Aero connectors are designed for a variety of mission-critical, harsh-environment applications, including commercial and military avionics, satellites, and weapons systems. Connector selection Read More >>

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Product Roundup for January 10, 2017

New connector and cable product roundup for January 10, 2017.   LEMO’s new Multi Concentric Contact Connectors for the oil and gas market are dedicated to applications in which connectors need to allow for a measure of low-speed rotation, making them an ideal solution for petroleum downhole drilling systems, turrets, and other free-twisting equipment. Available Read More >>

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Cord Connector Material Selection for Harsh Environments

For companies operating in harsh environments – like food processors – special attention must be paid to the potential impact of the environment on electrical connections. To ensure integrity of the electrical connection and to guard against premature failure, food processors must insist upon connectors made from specific materials and should seek out connector manufacturers Read More >>

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Modern Hyperboloid Contacts for Circular I/O Connectors

When choosing modern hyperboloid contacts for circular I/O connectors, the specific requirements of the application are key considerations.   Circular connectors are ubiquitous in medical electronics, instrumentation, and military and aerospace equipment. The round configuration lends itself to input/output applications that see frequent mating and un-mating. Plug and receptacle alignment is intuitive to enhance ease of use. Read More >>

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The Importance of Contact/Housing Retention

Never underestimate the importance of contact/housing retention mechanisms. Serious issues can arise if contacts are not assembled properly or if the retention device is not robust.   Connectors retain their electrical contacts within an insulating housing. Some retention mechanisms are more reliable than others. Serious issues can arise if the contacts are not assembled properly Read More >>


TE INSTALITE Molded Heat-Shrink Boots

TE INSTALITE Molded Heat-Shrink Boots reduce weight by up to 30%. TE Connectivity (TE) announced new INSTALITE Molded Boots that are up to 30% lighter than TE standard -25 boots. These high-performance molded heat-shrink boots have been designed for applications in military ground systems, aerospace, and marine. Their optimized interior geometry reduces installation time as Read More >>


Contact Design Considerations For Long-Term Reliability

In the latest installment in our Connector Basics series, Ed Bock of APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants looks at the ability of a contact system to operate in spite of external contamination and contact design considerations for long-term reliability.   For those critical electrical contact applications where the consequences of failure are severe and long-term reliability is Read More >>

Mill-Max Crimp Receptacles

Mill-Max Crimp Receptacles

The new Mill-Max crimp receptacles are COTS alternatives to the popular mil-spec M39029 female crimp terminals. Mill-Max announced the addition of new crimp receptacles to its selection of wire termination products. The new 07XX series are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) alternatives to the popular mil-spec M39029 female crimp terminals. The receptacles are fitted with the high-reliability Mill-Max spring finger Read More >>