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Apple iPad

iPad Pro’s Smart Connector Changes How We Communicate

Once again, Apple is changing the way we communicate. The new Smart Connector, launched in the iPad Pro last November, utilizes two-way conductive communication that creates an instant connection.   Apple’s recently released iPad Pro is changing (once again) how we communicate. The built-in 12.9-inch Retina display is not the big news. The real excitement Read More >>

Automotive Innovations for 2016

As automakers increasingly tout next-generation safety and convenience features, electronic interconnection designers and suppliers have more incentive than ever to stay ahead of the curve. †   In an industry accustomed to long design cycles and proprietary solutions, burgeoning electronics options are creating new pressures for more rapid adoption by automotive designers. Both external and Read More >>

TE Enhanced USB Type-C Connector

TE Enhanced USB Type-C Connector

The TE enhanced USB Type-C connector provides improved ruggedness and EMI performance for the next-generation I/O standard.  TE Connectivity introduced its USB Type-C connector, a do-it-all interface that eliminates the need for multiple cords in a broad range of products from slim handheld devices to robust industrial applications. TE’s new USB Type-C connector features enhanced Read More >>

Kycon Vertical-Mount Micro USB Type-B Connector

Kycon Vertical-Mount Micro USB Type-B Connector

The Kycon vertical-mount micro USB Type-B connector expands the supplier’s USB series with a design solution for applications with limited board space.  Kycon has expanded its USB series with a vertical-mount micro USB Type-B connector to increase versatility. The vertical-mounting option offers a design solution for applications where board space is a concern. The KMMVX-SMT series comes standard Read More >>

USB 3.1

The Promise of Reversible USB Type-C Connectors

The new reversible USB Type-C connectors will replace existing USB types.     The first PCs and related accessories that incorporate the new USB Type-C connectors are now being released. Type-C connectors are covered by the recently updated Standard USB 3.1 (April 3, 2015) from the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) and will be used with both Read More >>

GTK USB Type-C Product Family

GTK USB Type-C Product Family

The new GTK USB Type-C product family includes connectors, cable assemblies, and adaptors. GTK launched a new range of USB Type-C connectors, cable assemblies, and adaptors. The new USB Type-C connector can be used to connect both hosts and devices, and its reversible plug orientation and cable direction means it no longer matters which end of the cable or Read More >>

Military Wearables Enhance Soldier Capabilities

Military wearables enhance soldier capabilities, but the next generation of battlefield equipment will require an evolution in connector technology.   New wearables, including augmented reality technology and devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), will not (yet) make the new soldier or airman look like Iron Man, although “Iron Man Suit” is the nickname used Read More >>

Mill-Max USB 3.1 Type C Receptacle

Mill-Max USB 3.1 Type C Receptacle

The Mill-Max USB 3.1 Type C receptacle is two times faster than USB 3.0 with more efficient data transfer. Mill-Max has added the SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus 3.1, Type C to its line of USB I/O sockets. This mid-mount receptacle is two times faster than USB 3.0, with more efficient data transfer, higher through-put, and improved Read More >>

ODU AMC High-Density Connectors

The ODU AMC High-Density connectors offer a complete high-speed solution for harsh military applications.   ODU launched the ODU AMC High-Density connectors in the European market. ODU AMC High-Density is an advanced miniature USB 3.0 high-speed connector solution designed for harsh-environment applications. It is used extensively in soldier communications and Future Soldier Systems that require significant weight and space Read More >>

JAE Electronics USB Type C Connector Family

JAE Electronics USB Type C Connector Family

The new JAE Electronics USB Type-C connector family offers all the features of the USB 3.1 specification as well as a friction lock, EMI reduction, and power delivery. JAE has debuted its full line of USB Type-C connectors. Based on the USB 3.1 specification that defines the next generation of USB connectors, the JAE DX07 offers all Read More >>

Yamaichi Electronics' USB 3.1 Connectors

Yamaichi Electronics’ USB 3.1 Connectors

Yamaichi Electronics’ USB 3.1 connectors extend an already broad USB product line. Yamaichi Electronics expanded its portfolio of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 products with the new USB series 3.1 that includes a standard line of types A and C, both in plug and socket variants. Cable assemblies in a number of combinations are also available. The nine-pin version Read More >>

Kycon A-Type High-Retention Force USB

The Kycon A-type high-retention force USB 2.0 connector allows for 50% more retention force than standard USB products. Kycon expanded its line of USB 2.0 products to include an A-type that allows for 50% more retention force than the standard USB to prevent accidental disconnect. The KUSBXHT is ideal for use where USB connection reliability is critical Read More >>