Preci-Dip New 2mm Spring-Loaded Connector with Slanted Design

Preci-Dip’s New 2mm Spring-Loaded Connector with Slanted Design

In order to meet the market’s need for a 2mm board-to-board spring loaded connector, Preci-Dip now offers a surface mount 2mm-pitch, spring-loaded configuration as part of its standard product family. With a mechanical life of 50,000 cycles, these glass-filled polyester PCT-GF-30-FR connectors are available in heights of 5, 5.5, 6, and 6.5mm and contact arrangements of one to 12 contacts for single row or four to 24 contacts for double row. Connectors can be supplied on tape and reel for ease of placement.

Some customization is possible, depending on customer requirements (including height, solder tail, positioning pins, and custom patterns based on 2mm grid pitch).

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