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Fiber Optic Cable Unleashes a New Breed of Broadcasting

As video traffic increases and image quality improves, the quality of the cable used to transmit and receive the broadcast has never been more important. Fiber optic cable is getting the signal across. There are many reasons that broadcasters are moving from copper to fiber optic cable, including high-bandwidth performance and real-time and reliable transmissions. Read More >>


Curbing Complexity in AV Connectivity with HDBaseT

HDBaseT leverages common cables and connectors while providing the high performance needed for the increasingly complex world of audiovisual technologies. By Daniel Shwartzberg, Manager of Customer Experience for the HDBaseT Alliance The world of audiovisual (AV) technology has evolved dramatically over the past two decades. The move from analog to digital has led to thinner Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures: The Market for Circular Connectors

According to Bishop & Associates’ research, the fourth largest connector market will exhibit strong growth over the next five years.   The circular connector market is the fourth largest product market by share of the total worldwide connector market following PCB, application-specific, and rectangular I/O connectors. This share has been relatively stable over the last five Read More >>

Fischer MiniMax 24-Pin Socket

Fischer MiniMax 24-Pin Socket

The Fischer MiniMax 24-pin socket is a high-density miniature solution with a unique combination of power and signal contacts.   Fischer Connectors announced its new 24-pin socket version of the Fischer MiniMax Series – an innovative, high-density miniature solution with a unique combination of power and signal contacts, which enables more functionality in smaller devices and lowers the total cost Read More >>

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How to Specify Miniature and Subminiature Connectors for Military Applications

Developments in the global military market in recent years have resulted in re-engineered products and all-new technologies. Here, Günter Rohr of ODU offers advice on how to specify miniature and subminiature connectors for military applications.   There have been many new market developments and changes in the military and security sectors around the world in recent years. Read More >>

Samtec Debuts HDBNC High Density RF Connectors

July 17, 2012 Samtec recently updated its line of HDBNC high-density RF interconnects. The interconnects are made for broadcast video applications requiring high-density panel arrays that tend to result in additional strain on the interface due to ganged cabling. HDBNC connectors are based on the familiar quarter-turn BNC coupling design, but with patented advancements permitting Read More >>