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Mil-Spec Connector Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup highlights mil-spec connectors from leading suppliers. Mil-Spec Connector Product Roundup BTC Electronics offers TT Electronics’ mag-Net® invisible, garment-mounted, power and data connector series for harsh-environment military,Read More

Connector Platings for Modern Applications

Connector platings made from environmentally friendly materials are protecting today’s applications. By Achim Raad, Senior Product Manager, ITT Cannon [twitter style=”horizontal”] [linkedin_share style=”none”]   Throughout many industries and environments, interconnectRead More

How to Specify Custom Circular Connectors

With even the most common applications constantly evolving, specialized connector designs are required on a regular basis. Here, AMETEK explains the process of how to specify custom circular connectors. [twitter style=”horizontal”] [linkedin_share style=”none”]Read More