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Electronic connectors of all types continue to shrink in size, including those designed for termination to coaxial cable. RF connectors are a special class of separable interfaces that are designed for applications that operate in 3KHz to 65GHz frequencies. They often feature tightly controlled impedance and use of exotic dielectric materials to minimize loss. The useable frequency range of a connector is inversely proportional to its size, allowing these smaller precision RF connectors to sport extended frequency ratings, a critical advantage in today’s emerging high-speed digital circuits. Ultra-miniature connectors feature the lowest profile and surface-mount PCB footprint, enabling them to offer exceptionally high bandwidth while consuming minimal space.

Ultra-Miniature News

Microwave & RF Connector Products

This week’s Product Roundup highlights microwave and RF connector solutions from leading suppliers, including non-magnetic connectors designed for use in MRI machines and other sensitive equipment. Omnetics’ Nano Coax Connectors exhibit excellent VSWR, return loss, insertion loss, and impedance, and are available as Hybrid Micro-D or standalone contacts. The Hybrid Micro-D version offers a variety Read More >>

Vibration-Resistant Connector Products

This week’s product roundup highlights vibration-resistant connector solutions from leading suppliers. AirBorn’s RZ® Series Connectors provide users with a reliable, single-piece, surface-mount contact system that is ideal for use in high-density, high-vibration board-to-board and flex-circuit-stacking applications. Designed to meet strict performance and reliability requirements, the series has a patented z-axis contact system with a solderless Read More >>

RF Connector Product Roundup

This week’s product roundup highlights RF connector solutions from top suppliers. I-PEX Connectors’ MHF® I LK Connector System delivers simple, secure connections in applications exposed to high shock and vibration, including: automobiles, aircraft, and drones, and is the only RF connector/harness system with a built-in locking feature that doesn’t require epoxy or tape to keep Read More >>

Ultraminiature product roundup

Ultraminiature Connector Products

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the most compact, capable, and lightweight connectors and cable assemblies responsible for enabling the reliable transmission of high-speed data and digital audio/visual signals in an ever-expanding range of applications spanning warfare to web browsing. Ultraminiature Connector Products TE Connectivity’s CeeLok FAS-T rugged, nanominiature circular I/O connectors occupy less Read More >>

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Miniature Connector Product Roundup

Check out this week’s product roundup for information about some of the latest and greatest miniature connector products. Designed to meet rugged requirements for aerospace and defense, test and measurement, oil and gas, marine, and commercial air applications, TE Connectivity’s two-row, nanominiature Nanonics connectors deliver ultra-compact, weight-saving solutions qualified to MIL-DTL-32139. The wired products feature Read More >>

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Microwave Product Roundup for August 3, 2016

We reached out to top RF/microwave suppliers to find out about their latest and greatest product launches for this microwave product roundup.   Molex’s new Temp-Flex Foam-Core Ultra-Low-Loss Coaxial Microwave Cable combines space savings with an effective dielectric that eliminates “phase knee” and provides ease of termination. It also achieves 80% velocity of propagation (VOP) loss Read More >>

Southwest Microwave High-Frequency 1.0mm Connectors

Southwest Microwave High-Frequency 1.0mm Connectors

Southwest Microwave high-frequency 1.0mm connectors are the first field-replaceable connectors in that size.  Southwest Microwave introduced a line of 1.0mm DC-to-110GHz connectors. Products in the series include field-replaceable two- and four-hole flange-mount and thread-in connectors, direct-solder cable connectors, and clamp-on end launch connectors, including low-profile and reduced-size low-profile versions. Made in the US and built to Southwest Microwave’s Read More >>