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Siemon Receives 2013 EPA Environmental Merit Award

Siemon Receives 2013 EPA Environmental Merit Award

Siemon was awarded a 2013 EPA Environmental Merit Award in the business category for demonstrating a sustained commitment to improving New England’s environment and for recognition of environmental achievements accomplished during the previous year. This award comes on the heels of Siemon’s August 2012 announcement that its global operations achieved carbon negativity, as well as several other key environmental accomplishments.

Held each year since 1970, the EPA Environmental Merit Awards recognize environmental commitment in a variety of categories. Winners are selected based on long-term effects on the environment, ability to address an environmental problem or need, collaboration with others, and the use of innovative ideas or techniques.

Siemon received the award in the Business Category for the following 2012 accomplishments:

  • Carbon negativity achieved across all Siemon global operations, offsetting global emissions by more than 179%
  • Zero-landfill status achieved through an innovative waste management program
  • Yearly carbon output reduced by a combined 16,885.3 metric tons
  • More than 976 metric tons of waste recycled annually at Siemon sites globally
  • Reduction of water usage by 5% from 2011 through the use of a closed water loop system
  • Electricity consumption reduced by more than 5% via variable frequency drives (VFD) and other smart technology
  • Annual reduction of cardboard square feet by 1,991.6 via new packaging processes
  • Collaboration with conservation initiatives, including the Salmon Falls Watershed Collaborative, Moose Mountain Regional Greenways (MMRG), and the Branch Hill Farm

Having been green long before the term was an industry buzzword and marketing tool, Siemon’s legacy of stewardship truly puts the company in a league of its own,” said Thomas P. Costello, Siemon’s chief financial operator. “Siemon’s innovative environmental approach and stellar measurable accomplishments not only make the company truly worthy of the recent EPA Environmental Merit Award, they also make each employee proud to provide an excellent model for how other companies can offset carbon emissions while protecting and preserving the environment.”

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