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Souriau’s Cost-Effective ARINC 600

Souriau’s Cost-Effective ARINC 600

SOURIAU ARINC 600As part of its commitment to customer satisfaction, Souriau develops solutions to reduce the cost of its connectors without sacrificing their high performance. One example is its new Cost-Effective ARINC 600 connector with harpooned contacts. Like its predecessor, this connector conforms to the ARINC 600 standard but costs as much as 25% less.

After analyzing the growth value, Souriau noted a low repair rate for ARINC 600 connectors, which allowed the company to simplify the product’s design. The inserts are both one piece and unmarked and the harpooned contacts are pre-fitted. The Cost-Effective ARINC 600 connector is available with 150-point or 100-point inserts. Standard inserts and harpooned-contact inserts can be combined in the same shell.

Cost-Effective ARINC shells are interchangeable with standard ARINC shells and thus mate perfectly with standard plugs.

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