The Cabled Backplane Challenge

December 2013 – Has the traditional PCB backplane approach reached its data speed limits? Many in the electronic manufacturing industry think so, and search for an alternate means to achieve data rates and throughput that will take us into the next generation of information technology. High-speed cable technology may be the answer.

PCB Terminal Wiring Made Easier

December 2013 – PCB terminals with quick connection technology offer an ideal alternative to costly and time-consuming methods of transferring power to PCBs, as they allow cables to be connected quickly, safely, and without tools in a wide range of applications.

In the Cloud and on Your Wrist: Peripheral Equipment

November 2013 – A decrease in desktop sales and the quickly evolving world of mobile devices are changing the definition of “computer peripherals.” Is it a watch or is it a computer? John MacWilliams takes a closer look at the current catalog of peripheral equipment to determine what’s in, what’s out, what’s new, and what’s over.

To Web or Not to Web?

November 2013 – How important are websites in the B2B arena? We asked European connector customers if, how, and when they use the Internet for business purposes, and they shared their experiences for a snapshot of the connector industry online.