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Meeting Medical Industry Standards for Cable Design

With no medical industry standards for cable, the industry adopts voluntary specifications to ensure patient safety. The medical device industry tolerates a much smaller margin of error than most other industries. Medical devices are highly precise and sensitive instruments. As such, medical interconnect cable, and more significantly, the material used in such apparatuses, must be Read More >>

A Quick Coil Cord Primer

This quick coil cord primer explains when to use coil cords and what to look for when you’re choosing products for your applications. Durability, low force-to-extend, excellent retractile memory, and high flex life are all important customer requirements for coil cords. From 12 AWG to very-fine-wire 38 AWG and tinsel, coiled cords are manufactured in single- Read More >>

Consumer Electronics in Transition at CES 2014

Once considered futuristic concepts, the consumer electronics in transition at CES 2014 will soon be ready for widespread adoption. The past decade has been stellar for consumer electronics (CE). In many ways CE overshadowed business applications and became a key factor in driving unit volumes to new heights. Key developments that drove this demand include: Read More >>

The Next 10 Years of Smart Home Technology

The next 10 years of smart home technology will focus on developments that will apply to more than just living spaces. Technology is not always smart. Technology that consumers can understand, afford, and use properly is smart. Technology that saves power and is good for the environment is also smart. Too often, the technology that Read More >>

Amphenol MAX M12

Amphenol’s Data Link Connector Among Most Durable in Class

Amphenol’s data link connector, the Max-M12, is ideal for rugged environments. Amphenol Industrial Products Group offers one of the most durable data link connectors in its class, meeting SAE J2839 and IEC 61076-2-101 specifications. The Max-M12 withstands connector-to-cable retention forces of 444 N and contact retention forces of 110 N, tested at 100 mating cycles Read More >>

TE Offers New Insert Arrangements for ARINC 600 Receptacle Connectors

TE Offers New Insert Arrangements for ARINC 600 Receptacle Connectors

TE Connectivity (TE) now offers new insert arrangements for its ARINC 600 Next-Generation Receptacle connectors. These connectors are ideal for commercial and military avionics for air-to-ground communications, in-flight entertainment, and collision avoidance, and they deliver significant cost and weight savings. New insert arrangements that support cost and weight savings include: 60-position for Size 1 ARINC Read More >>

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Part 2: 10-Year Snapshot of the Connector Industry

Profitability Killers (Price Erosion + Rising Raw Material Costs) A sharp decline in demand will automatically produce a decline in profits. We experienced that in 2001, 2002, and 2009 when connector sales declined -18.9%, -6.9%, and -21.9% respectively. During such downturns management will rapidly take actions to minimize the impact on bottom-line profitability. Such actions Read More >>

Facts and Figures

Part 1: 10-Year Snapshot of the Connector Industry 2003-2013

10-Year Snapshot of the Connector Industry The phrase “significant change” doesn’t adequately describe what happened in the connector industry over the past 10 years. Specifically, between 2003 and 2013, the connector industry: Experienced roller coaster swings in connector demand, setting new industry records for declines and increases Suffered the worst price erosion in decades, followed Read More >>

Consumer Market in the Crossroads, consumer market for cable assemblies

Consumer Market Sales at a Crossroads

Will consumer market sales pickup again in 2014 and 2015? Bishop tracks 11 companies in the consumer market sector. For the full year 2012, these companies’ combined consumer market sales grew 4.5% year over year and had collective revenues of $475.9 billion. Growth in the consumer market, as measured by Bishop, has been tepid in Read More >>