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Connector Products for Energy Applications

This week’s Product Roundup highlights leading connector products for energy applications, including oil and gas exploration and processing, nuclear energy, and alternative energy. Connector Products for Energy Applications: Omnetics Connector Corporation’s low-profile Micro-D discrete wired microminiature connectors have a reduced flange height and a lighter-weight form factor compared to standard Micro-D connectors and deliver proven Read More >>

More Power to the HEV/EV Connector for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Innovative, high-density connectors deliver higher current-carrying capacity and help usher in new levels of performance for electric and hybrid vehicles. By Kirk Nelson, Director of Sales – Automotive, Hirose Electric The continued development of hybrid vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV) is central to most car manufacturers’ future strategies. One day in the not too Read More >>

Cloudy Future for Solar?

Proposed US tariffs leave solar industry in limbo. Solar power is now the fastest-growing source of energy in the world. The International Energy Agency reports that, in 2016, solar photovoltaics grew faster than any other fuel, with almost 165 gigawatts coming online globally. Furthermore, prices are dropping for solar-generated energy: In 2016, auction prices for Read More >>

Solar energy

Here Comes the Sun – Solar Energy

Solar pricing has dropped to levels that are sparking solid market growth and creating openings for a range of connectors. By Terry Costlow Growing interest in sustainable energy technologies, combined with declining prices for solar panels that are more powerful than ever, is sparking solid growth in photovoltaic systems. This growth carries a need for Read More >>

Wind energy market

Facts & Figures: Wind Turbine Power Market Report

Hydroelectric power generation, the largest renewable energy source, supplied 16% of the worldwide electrical needs in 2012, but wind turbine energy is growing at a much faster pace. Read this wind turbine power market report for the details. Other than hydroelectric power plants, wind turbine power has become the largest renewable/green energy source in the Read More >>

Wind turbine connectors

How to Specify Wind Turbine Connectors

The functional viability of wind turbines ultimately depends on the robustness and reliability of the interconnect systems that are designed into them. Here are Smiths Connectors’ tips on how to specify wind turbine connectors. This information was provided by Smiths Connectors. Today, more than ever before, the world is racing to develop alternative sources of Read More >>

Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

November 2013 – As demand for power grows around the world, we’re seeing a growing shift towards clean, renewable energy resources, solar and wind in particular. But how is the renewables market weathering the economy?

Sekisui Chemical to Sell Large-Capacity Solar Power Houses

Sekisui Chemical to Sell Large-Capacity Solar Power Houses Japan’s Sekisui Chemical Co. will launch a new kind of custom-built, single-family house with a large-capacity solar power generation system. The Smart Power Station house can generate greater amounts of excess electricity to sell to power companies, allowing customers to pay no utility costs and earn money Read More >>

Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

Renewable Energy – An Industry in Turmoil

May 21, 2013 – We have been besieged by stories of misfortune and turmoil in the solar and wind industry, caused by overcapacity, regulatory issues, US sequestration, bankruptcies, and the lure of other cheap energy solutions. While this news has been unsettling, it also indicates a healthy shakeout is coming to the renewable energy industry.

Shedding Light on Renewable Energy: Long-term Potential for Connectors

September 2012 – Jennifer Bieksha looks at the potential of the renewable energy market and how it is shaped by financial and regulatory policies. While investing in solar and wind power is the sensible solution to global energy issues, the technology challenges and the fluctuating economy could affect smart grid modernization.