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The Rapid Evolution of the Connected Car

In the past 20 years, connectivity has become a defining feature for vehicle performance, function, and experience. By Amphenol RF The automotive industry has seen monumental changes in recent years as the Internet of Things (IoT) has infiltrated nearly every function of cars, from in-vehicle entertainment systems to performance monitoring and drive features. The most Read More >>

Bandwidth Bottleneck at the I/O Panel

Processor and SerDes speeds continue to bump up, putting pressure on input/output connectors mounted on the faceplate. Like investors running to the exit when the market tanks, the I/O panel can quickly become a serious bottleneck that limits communication and slows the system. Computers and their users hate to sit idle while waiting for required Read More >>

Watercraft Innovations Parallel Automotive Developments

More electronics in boats of all sizes means more opportunity for connector suppliers who can provide reliable, waterproof components. We can’t stop watching the evolution of the automotive technologies. The electric drivetrain, autonomous vehicles, and a new crop of enhanced navigation, entertainment, and safety features are unquestionably exciting developments. But while all eyes are on Read More >>

Industry News: February 2018 – Part II

Summary coverage of upcoming events and recent news from across the connector industry. Industry News February 2018 – Part II Event News  Samtec is showcasing its microelectronics solutions and standardized embedded solutions for XMC, FMC, FMC+, and VNX systems at Embedded World 2018, which is taking place today through March 1 in Nuremberg.  Distinguished Engineer, Read More >>

Sensors Make Sense Beyond IoT Applications

Synergy between advanced sensors as well as related connectors and cable assemblies is opening new avenues of growth and profit for the interconnect industry. Electronic sensors are popping up everywhere, and this technology is expected to proliferate logarithmically over the next few years. Sensors act as the eyes and ears of electronic equipment. They are Read More >>

Cars Drive Growth for Data Center Connectors

Connectivity and autonomy in next-generation autos is creating lots of data that will be sent to data centers, fostering a new market for connector makers. The explosion of electronics in vehicles continues to drive solid growth in the market for connectors. Typically, we think of these as harsh-environment connectors that can meet the rigorous demands Read More >>

Top 10

The Top 10 in World Sales

We took names. We analyzed the numbers. Now we’ll share the results. Last month, we provided readers with in-depth, behind-the-scenes insight into the complicated process of engaging with suppliers throughout the interconnect industry and conducting careful analysis of a great deal of hard data to formulate our market reports. Before we publish our market reports, Read More >>

Stronger Together: Avnet and Amphenol

Few things in the connector industry go back 60 years. The unique collaboration between Avnet and Amphenol is one of them. Radio. That’s where it all began for two of the connector industry’s leading players. Amphenol, an early manufacturer of radio components, was innovating within that industry when a parts distributor named Charles Avnet took Read More >>

Gaming Connectors Evolve (Even When Gaming Products Go Retro)

Smaller connector designs pushed by the cellphone world find a new home in portable and scaled-down gaming devices. Gaming Connectors Evolve For decades, young people have had their first exposure to connectors through gaming equipment. Although the vast array of electronics contained in these systems are hidden within the consoles and peripherals, perhaps no other Read More >>

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2017 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers by 2016 Sales

The top 10 connector manufacturers, as a group, achieved $32 billion in annual sales in 2016, or 59.8% of world connector demand. The following table identifies the top 10 as defined by total world connector sales. Table 1 (above) reveals some interesting trends: The top four connector manufacturers are all US-based companies: TE Connectivity #1, Read More >>

Top 10

Top 10 Landscape Changes in the Connector Industry

We track the top companies over the decades. This year’s ranking uncovers some new players — and some that we’ve known for along time. Since 1980, there has been a dramatic change in the companies that comprise the top 10. Some companies have moved up in rank, others have moved out of the top 10, Read More >>

Industry News: October 2017

Do you have your finger on the pulse? We do! Here’s the last few weeks of industry news in a nutshell, with links to full press releases for further information.  Industry News – October 2017 Event News  Molex will showcase its broad range of power, signal, data, and media connector solutions at this year’s Engineering Read More >>