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Filtered connectors

Filtered Connectors Cut the Clutter

A variety of filtered connectors can help eliminate unwanted noise   The world has become an electronically noisy place as devices that range from weather radar to garage door openers flood the airwaves with electronic noise. Digital devices must be able to identify a pattern of ones and zeros among a rising tide of random Read More >>

GM investments, robots may herald 2017 market growth

GM is investing $1 billion in US factories, possibly foretelling a strong market for industrial products. Record setting robot sales also portend growth for connector makers that focus on the severe demands for ruggedized components.   A General Motors plan to invest $1 billion in its US factories may herald an expansion in manufacturing. The Read More >>

Trends to improve speed, size and pricing continue

Connector makers upgraded lines, extended product families and unveiled new interfaces to meet customer demands for increased circuit density and higher data rates.   2016 Connector Trends In a continuation of trends we’ve seen for several years now, a host of faster, smaller, and more affordable electronic components propelled the connector industry forward in 2016. Connector Read More >>

Miniature sensors

Connector Manufacturers Connect to Sensors

The marriage of high-reliability connectors and sensors brings a new facet of connectivity to the interconnect industry.   Connector Manufacturers Connect to Sensors The physical and digital worlds are merging and sensors of all types are on the front line of that evolution. The emerging Internet of Things is essentially a network of connected sensors Read More >>

Big Data

Big Data, Big Challenges

Increasing demands of growing data volumes force IT professionals to explore better connection options.   Ask five people to define “Big Data” and you are likely to get five different definitions – ranging from broad references about analyzing numerous data sets for patterns and trends, down to very precise specifications for data set size or Read More >>

News Briefs

News Briefs for October 20, 2015

For the latest announcements from the connector industry, check out the news briefs for October 20, 2015. Molex expanded its printed electronics portfolio with the recent acquisition of Minnesota-based Soligie Inc. Custom Soligie solutions provide a robust and economical alternative to a rigid printed circuit board (PCB) or copper flex circuits in sensor applications for Read More >>

Cable Connectivity for Variable Frequency Drives

The VFD cable is often an afterthought in the exhaustive research and consultation process to choose an advanced variable frequency drive. Here, Wayne Spence of Amphenol Sine explains why it is critical to the overall system.     The phone rings; your chest begins to pound, and the receiving manager’s voice confirms it’s the moment you’ve long Read More >>

Amphenol SMT Radsert Connectors

Amphenol SMT Radsert Connectors

Amphenol SMT Radsert connectors are high-current PCB connectors that provide flexible design and a small footprint. Amphenol Industrial Products Group introduced a compact, high-current PCB power connector that enables power delivery of 35A to 200A. Amphenol’s SMT Radsert offers a flexible design that can accommodate any dimensional constraint and stack height. Ideal for use in energy storage systems Read More >>

Amphenol Amphe-309 Industrial Power Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-309 Industrial Power Connectors

Amphenol Amphe-309 industrial power connectors are ideal for extreme industrial, commercial, and data center applications. Amphenol Industrial Products Group introduced a new generation of industrial power connectors for use in harsh industrial, commercial, and data center applications. The IP44- and IP67-rated Amphe-309 provides safe and reliable portable electrical connections for the most extreme environments. Ideal for use Read More >>

Amphenol SurLok Plus High-Current Cabling System

Amphenol SurLok Plus High-Current Cabling System

The Amphenol SurLok Plus High-Current Cabling System meets energy storage needs and is ideal for hybrid and electric vehicles and residential battery storage systems. Amphenol Industrial Products Group now offers SurLok Plus, a high-current cabling system designed to meet the needs of energy storage for commercial and residential battery storage systems as well as electric Read More >>